Door to the New World

April 6, 2010

This past Sunday was a very special day for us. April 4th marked one month since we have been home. In so many ways, it feels like Dima has been here so much longer than a month. He has grown so much and learned so much.

He has learned quite a few English words including his favorites like, “more”, “buddy boy”, “I love you”, “come here” (which for whatever reason he says with a New York accent, coming out more like “come eeyah”).

He loves to be outside. He runs, jumps, kicks, throws, goes downs slides, climbs up rock walls, twirls, does somersaults, rides his bike, dances, and sings. He loves to eat. I think I have counted that he has eaten over 60 bananas since we have been home.

He loves all kinds of fruits and smoothies. He loves deviled eggs, scrambled eggs, boiled eggs. We’re still working on chicken and other kinds of meats, but for the most part, he eats like any other 2 year old.

In one month, we have seen our hearts and lives intertwine more and more. I can tell in the way that he smiles at me sometimes – a smile that says, “I know you love me”. I can tell in the way he nuzzles his head into my neck when he meets someone new.

I can tell in the way he will call for “mama” or “papa” as he falls asleep in his little bed for one last hug before he drifts off to sleep. It truly is amazing to me what can take place in just one month. We are so grateful, we are so blessed.

This past month has also brought with us new challenges as we navigate through parenthood. We tell people that right now, we feel like we have a newborn and a 2 ½ year old wrapped up in one cute little body.

In many ways, Dima is like a newborn. He is a newborn to our family. He is still learning our tones and our eyes and our faces. He is learning what makes us smile and what makes us frown.

We are learning him. We are learning his personality. His likes, his dislikes. And we are also working on building the trust that a newborn builds with his/her parents. Trust that comes naturally to a newborn is one that must be taught to Dima.

He doesn’t know that when we say goodnight that we will be there to greet him the next morning. He doesn’t know that when he is finished with the food on his plate that there is more if he wants it.

He doesn’t know the concept of “mommy” and “papa”. We are defining those words to him as we feed him and change his diaper, as we bathe him and teach him and play with him, and as we hug him and kiss him and discipline him.

But he is also like any other 2 ½ year old boy. He is so active and so curious. He wants to know how everything works and isn’t satisfied until he figures something out. He tests the boundaries. He tests his abilities to share his opinions and stand by his opinions. So we find ourselves at the end of the day, completely worn out…and grateful.

But what was even more special about this past Sunday was that it was our first Easter together celebrating new life. I will never forget the words that Ludmila, our Russian interpreter, spoke as we walked out of the orphanage, “this is the door to a new world, to new life.” Life, as Dima knew it, would never be the same again.

On Easter Sunday, as I held Dima in my arms during our church service we sang, “it’s all because of Jesus I’m alive”. In a fresh way, I was reminded in my heart of how my life, because of Christ, will never be the same again. He is the door to a new world, a new life. And I am so grateful. I am so blessed.

Thank you for continuing on this journey with us. It has been so fun to bring Dima to church and to parks and to retreats and everyone coming up and giving him high fives and smiles. I think he thinks he’s famous 🙂 It has been so great.


  • we continue to treat his little body for scabies. We’ve gone through 3 bottles of cream and he’s still not fully healed.
  • his comprehension of the English language is amazing, and he is growing in his ability to speak it

Prayer Requests:

  • for our friends who are adopting from the Pskov region right now. It wasn’t that long ago we were in their shoes
  • for Dima to continue to adjust and bond with us

Until next Monday, love Kate & Steve.

4 Responses to “Door to the New World”

  1. Victoria said

    We sang that song on Easter too – LOVE it! Dima is so cute in his little coat! (Well, he’s cute in everything he wears). Life with a 2 year old who doesn’t really know you is very hard. Much harder than anyone can know unless they have done it, but it is a wonderful journey. Congratulations again!

  2. Margaret Cochran said

    Thank goodness for your talented writing skills. You are sharing more gifts than you know. It is awesome to follow your journey with Dima and with our Lord Jesus as your partner in it. To God be the glory, forever. (Sunday April 4, was my daddy’s 85th birthday and we had such an answer to prayer for him). God IS good, tough but very, very good!!! ooxxoo

  3. Margaret Cochran said

    oops, I hope I have not goofed. I do want to follow your new posts so I am re-submitting my name and continue to pray for you and your wonderful family, all of you.

  4. Jane said

    I am so happy for your family. I am dreaming of the day our little man comes home. I have enjoyed your posts for quite awhile now (I am Sarah’s Mom of From Russia With Love and soon to be Charlie’s Grammy). How excited I am for these children, just knowing that they have become part of your families and the family of God. Thanks for all your prayers for Sarah, Chad & Charlie. I will continue to pray for you ALL. Jane

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