Introducing Dmitri (“Dima”) Stephen Garcia!!!

the first time we ever met

reunited after 4 months (and one euro mullet) later

in our daily visits, we did fun things like play the piano

we couldn't get over how funny and playful he is

the day we left the orphanage to begin our new life together

the long train ride to Moscow

Mommy and Dima enjoying life in the Red Square

our precious Dmitri!!!


  • we added the video of our first trip to Pskov under the VIDEOS link above
  • a new video will be coming in a few weeks
  • Dima got his passport stamped today at the American Embassy!

Flight Information:

  • Anyone is invited to join Dima’s homecoming at the airport on Thursday, March 4th
  • we aplogize in advance if we’re all a bit travel weary
  • Flight No: United Airlines #5906 from Chicago to Cleveland

Prayer Requests:

  • Please pray for Dmitri and our LONG flights back
  • we are fearful he is going to have a tough time with it all
  • please pray for us in our final few days together in Moscow

It’s really happening!!! Until next Monday, love Kate & Steve