Into Marvelous Light

March 23, 2010

It is a little weird to be sitting here tonight writing this blog. Dima and I just finished reading a few books and smelling the candles around the house (his new favorite thing). Steve is at a missions trip meeting. This will be the first summer of our entire marriage that I have not gone with him on a missions trip. It feels strange. I know it is strange for him also to be going on a trip this year without me. This past week was our first week back to “normal”. Steve went to work everyday and Dima and I filled our time with parks and dog-watching, meal planning and celebrating poopoos in the potty. It feels weird to be the same person at my core, but a different person in how I spend my time, my thoughts, my energies…but, that is a different blog for a different time. It has been a beautiful week and we have taken full advantage of the sun. Dima is all boy – he loves dirt and sticks and going down big slides. He loves running and climbing and exploring the outdoors with Papa.

But, what this post is REALLY about is that Steve was able to finish our 2nd trip video. We watched it this afternoon with Dima and his eyes were just glued to the screen. He laughed at the funny parts and smiled at the hugs and joy. Steve and I sat there, tears streaming down our eyes as we remembered back to just 3 weeks ago of the beautiful picture that God allowed us to experience. So, sit back and enjoy the videos. We are so grateful for how you have journeyed with us through this adventure. May these videos give you a small glimpse into our past month. But even more, may it show you a small picture of the way that God loves His children, adopted into His family. Into Marvelous Light we are running, out of darkness out of shame.

Until next Monday,

Love, Kate and Steve and Dima

2nd trip video part 1:

2nd trip video part 2:

20 Responses to “Into Marvelous Light”

  1. Mom said

    These videos are too wonderful for words. I am so in love with this little fella!!!!!! My heart aches.

  2. BJ Melbourne said

    Beautiful! Beautiful!! I just watched and my heart swelled with sheer joy for you wonderful parents with this worderful son!

  3. Wendi said

    Oh my goodness, my heart overflows with happiness for the three of you!! I still have tears of joy in my eyes and am just completely overwhelmed by your journey. So many memories came flooding back – the drive up to the baby home, the room where we played, the train tracks and train in Pskov….We’ll be right behind you, our court date is a month from today. God bless your beautiful family.

  4. Alicia Ley said

    beautiful! jacob only cried three times…

  5. april said

    LOVED the songs in your videos! We sing into marvelous light at church! Oh i just wanted to cry so many times while watching the video! What a beautiful reunion you had bringing him home and i love how you recorded his first morning at home!

  6. Carala said

    WOW! That was really beautiful! Thanks for sharing your heart and your journey with us. Enjoy being a family…it will have its up and downs…but it is the best part of life when you’re walking with Christ in the center. 🙂


  7. Jessica said

    Your journey has been filled with ups and downs but ended with such a beautiful result. Watching the videos brought tears to my eyes. He is so sweet. God bless your new family!

  8. Audrey said

    I have enjoyed reading your journey and now this wonderful answer to prayer. The pictures are awesome. Thanks for sharing. Wish you God’s blessing as you parent this precious little boy.

  9. Nan Crawford said

    Wow!! I love looking at the new videos. Thank you so much for sharing with all of us. Dima is just so adorable and such a happy little boy. I catch myself smiling, laughing, and crying from just the joy of it all. Praise the Lord!

    • Beverly Patterson said

      I don’t know when I have been so full of joy for someone!!! These videos are priceless and the love that is poured out. God’s handwriting was and is all over your lives and I could not be any happier for the three of you. I can not stop crying! God bless and I can’t wait precious little Dima!!

  10. Hi Kate,
    My name is Kirsten–I am a friend of Meredeth Foster (Smith when I went to school with her). Anyway, I have been following your journey and wanted to thank you for your blog. It has really renewed my faith and encouraged me to become active again in the church. I am just so happy to see how God works and the blessings he has bestowed on you and Steve.

  11. Elizabeth said

    Steve and Kate,
    you have the most beautiful, precious child. Thank you for sharing your journey with us.


  12. Madeline said

    Your videos are wonderful. Brings back many memories of our 2 adoptions from Pskov. Dima seems so happy and has adjusted so well.

    Thanks for sharing your journey through words and pictures!

  13. Thank you for posting these videos – they were fantastic! I still have tears in my eyes! I have been following your adoption journey since I read about you on Meredith’s facebook. Congratulations to all of you! Kate – you are such a fantastic writer! I look forward to coming to your site each week to read your updates, they are very inspiring.

  14. Beautiful video Kate. I remember being there like it was yesterday!

  15. jodi tucker said

    Wow! Double wow! Triple wow! Quadruple wow! and Infinity wow to God for bringing you all together!
    These videos are priceless!

  16. Kris said

    What a WONDERFUL video set. I cried through the entire thing. God is so faithful. It is such an encouragement to see Him bring Dima home to you and Steve. Thank you for letting me be a tiny small part of it. :o)

  17. Kristin said

    Oh, precious Katie. I love seeing you as a mom! Dima has the best laugh ever.
    Praying for you guys…

  18. Courtney said

    Loved the videos! I cried like a baby when you came down the escalator with him and he met his grandparents for the first time. Dima is going to cherish these videos as he grows older. Such a wonderful journey!

  19. Kristine said

    Hi dear Kate.My name is Kristine.i am living in Moscow.I saw the video by internet about your family and i liked your family very much.Your son,Dima, is wonderful,and you are the best parents in the world.My good wishes to your family.

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