Not The News We Were Hoping For…

February 2, 2010

Well, this isn’t the type of blog that I thought I would be writing today. This past week has been a very frustrating one, to say the least. In last week’s blog, I wrote a line in my facebook status that read – “Where is the visa invitation? What if it never comes?” Well, it never came.

It’s truly difficult to try to explain the complicated nature of the world of visas and international travel, especially when it comes to adoptions. In fact, I don’t even understand it fully myself and I’ve been trying to wrap my mind around it for the last week. What we do know is that in order to adopt from Russia, you need a special invitation, which we never received.

How does that affect us? Well, Steve and I are still both going to leave for Russia on February 6th. We still have our court hearing on February 11th. That’s the good news. The bad news is that on February 12th, Steve is going to travel back to the U.S. by himself, in order to obtain the documents we need to bring our little man home.

Assuming our invitation comes, Steve will then turn around and come back to Russia a few days later with the new documents we need. Again, this is very much simplifying the actual scenario, but to not bore you or overwhelm you with details, we are keeping this explanation as simple as possible.

We have researched a thousand other options that didn’t require Steve to have to return to the U.S. But after a lot of work and energy, we have come to accept this new plan as our only option. In the end, there was nothing we could have done to prevent this and nothing we can do to change it. It just is.

It’s been very difficult for Steve and I to come to terms with this. For one thing, this “bump” in the journey is costing us about an extra $2000 that we did not originally budget for. But, even more than the finances, our dreams of what this month was going to look like have been significantly changed.

Although we are still absolutely grateful and excited that we will be bringing our little man home at the beginning of March, our hearts ache over the fact that while I am visiting our little guy in the orphanage during the 10 days of waiting after court, Steve will be on an airplane, coming back home, waiting on paperwork, only to get back on the airplane and come back to Russia.

We are still trying to understand why it had to be this way. My prayer for all of last week was “God, you can move mountains, I believe You can also move paperwork.” And I still believe that. But sometimes His plans don’t always look like the way I picture them. “His ways are not our ways, His thoughts are not our thoughts.”

So, we are approaching this Saturday with mixed emotions. On one hand, we are so excited. This is the day we have been anticipating for 2 years – the day when we are finally reunited with our son. The day that I will be able to look into my little man’s eyes and say, “I’m not going to have to leave you anymore.”

On the other hand, Steve is going to have to leave him one more time. And that breaks our hearts. We know the end is in sight, but through this ordeal, we have been reminded that there are no guarantees on this journey. There are still many details and significant steps left in the process, including our medical exam, pleading our case before a judge, waiting 10 days, and completing paperwork in Moscow.

Although what happened this week is considered a “fluke”, we have been reminded of how out of control we truly are in this process. So we ask you to join us on our knees, as we cry out to God to protect us, to protect the rest of this process and to protect our little man.

We truly covet your prayers and your encouragement. We are tired, weary, and completely at the end of ourselves. We are asking God to revive our hearts and souls, to give us the perseverance to keep holding on, and to give us the strength to face any more obstacles that may come our way. Ultimately, our hope is that God would receive all glory on that joyous day when we walk out of the orphanage with our son in our arms.

This is our story. This is our song. This is our journey of following God’s leading in our lives to a big, yellow building in a small village in Russia. A yellow building that holds countless children who live their lives each day not knowing the love of a mommy or daddy. A yellow building that holds the one we call our son.

Thank you for your prayers. We need them now more than ever. We hope to keep you updated through TWITTER and our blog.

Updates (Here is our tentative schedule):

  • Feb. 6th: leave for Russia
  • Feb. 7th: arrive in St. Petersburg
  • Feb. 8th: medical exams in St. Petersburg
  • Feb. 9th: travel to our region
  • Feb. 10th: see our little man for the first time
  • Feb. 11th: court
  • Feb. 12th: Steve will travel back to the US. I will stay in Russia
  • Feb. 13-21st: I will visit our little man on the weekdays. Steve will hopefully be retreving the documents needed to bring our little man home
  • Feb. 21st: Steve will come back to Russia
  • Feb. 22nd: Our little man will say goodbye to his friends and caretakers and hello to a whole new world
  • Feb. 23-25: We will stay in our region, finishing up paperwork
  • Feb. 25th (evening): travel to Moscow
  • Feb. 26-March 3: paperwork at the US Embassy
  • March 4th: The Garcia FAMILY comes home

This is the general breakdown. As you pray, ask for protection and no more snags in the process. We are praying for confidence, strength and wisdom.

Hope to update again next Monday…from Russia. Love, Kate & Steve

7 Responses to “Not The News We Were Hoping For…”

  1. Victoria said

    So sorry to hear of all the mess with your visas. You can’t pay extra to have them overnighted to you from the Russian embassy in Washington DC? We got ours in pretty short notice, but I’m not sure the exact days. I will pray that with all this hassle, you will still be filled with joy. Don’t worry about court, no one has ever been denied that I have heard of, so that is really just a formality, unless you have a crazy answer to a question. The judge has already looked at everything, so just come across as normal and you’ll be fine! 🙂 Try to enjoy every minute – your son really is worth it all, although it is a frustrating process.

  2. Margaret Cochran said I was reading your blog and when I came to the phrase you said about moving mountains, I said Okay! This one is for Kate. The song lyrics are about God moving mountains. I hope the link will work it is Keith and Kristyn Getty if you want to follow it and the link does not work. The song is “By Faith”. I feel for sure that there is a reason that your plans have been rearranged and when you are through it all and see the hand of God moving before you knew what to do…you are in our prayers. Enjoy getting acquainted with your little guy, even if there is a delay. I feel your frustration and dismay. God is in control.

  3. Margaret Cochran said

    I do hope you can get to their website because they are gifted musicians and sound so good but just in case I have put the lyrics about moving mountains here for you to know my prayer today for you and Steve and your little man. MDHC
    By Faith

    Words and Music by Keith & Kristyn Getty & Stuart Townend

    By faith we see the hand of God
    In the light of creation’s grand design
    In the lives of those who prove His faithfulness
    Who walk by faith and not by sight

    By faith our fathers roamed the earth
    With the power of His promise in their hearts
    Of a holy city built by God’s own hand
    A place where peace and justice reign

    We will stand as children of the promise
    We will fix our eyes on Him our soul’s reward
    Till the race is finished and the work is done
    We’ll walk by faith and not by sight

    By faith the prophets saw a day
    When the longed-for Messiah would appear
    With the power to break the chains of sin and death
    And rise triumphant from the grave

    By faith the church was called to go
    In the power of the Spirit to the lost
    To deliver captives and to preach good news
    In every corner of the earth

    We will stand…

    By faith this mountain shall be moved
    And the power of the gospel shall prevail
    For we know in Christ all things are possible
    For all who call upon His name

    We will stand…

  4. Scott Freeman said

    Steve and Kate,
    I received a link to your blog from Landon Jones. Your story is a very familiar one! Three years ago, my wife and I ended up having to take an extra trip to Russia to get our little girl because of a paperwork fluke. My wife also ended up spending three weeks in Russia without me because of this. As you said, the details are too involved to explain in this comment, but I’d love to share stories with you at some point and encourage you guys. You will definitely be in our prayers as you leave next Saturday. Please feel free to contact us at any time!

    In Christ,
    Scott Freeman
    Greenville, SC

  5. Wendi said

    Oh Kate, I’m so sorry to hear about the Visa snafu. Is there any way you can contact your Senator – they have the power to make things happen.

    On the bright side, you will soon be reunited with D and you’ll be able to hold him in your arms forever. I’m sending prayers your way.


  6. april said

    Praying right now for you guys! My father in law is in Russia this week for a business trip and his had to be postponed at first too because of visa issues with the russian government…i know its not exactly the same and your case is way more important though! Praying for you guys!

  7. manda said

    You will remain in out prayers. God allows things to happen for funny reasons we will sometimes never understand. Love you both and cant wait to meen my new nephew.

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