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January 26, 2010

If you have a facebook account, you know that when you update your status, you are suppose to be writing “what’s on your mind?” Well, today I stared blankly at that little status update window and thought to myself, “what would it really look like if I filled in this blank honestly?” Maybe something like this: (read as fast as possible)

As my mind raced faster than ever, I asked the Lord to quiet me with His love. Deep breath. He brought to my mind and heart this verse, “Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything, by prayer and petition, present your requests to God, and the peace of God, which TRANSCENDS ALL UNDERSTANDING will guard your heart and mind through Christ Jesus.” Phil. 4:6-7. Another deep breath. Thank you, Jesus.

It can be very easy, in this process, to be so entrenched in the details that I forget the gift at the end of this journey. My son. This precious little boy who has stolen my heart, captured my mind and has motivated me to be the detail-oriented person that I am usually not.

This past week has been so full of planning and nervousness. I have come face to face with some of the deepest parts of my heart. I have been bringing my nervousness and fears before God and asking Him to show me what those fears really mean. In a voice that I cannot hear audibly, but one that prompts my soul, I hear Him ask, “Do you trust me? Do you really trust me?” I had to hand over to Him some of the areas of this journey that I have grasped tightly with my own hands.

Last night was the last big worship time we would have with our students before we leave for Russia. At the end of the evening, some of the youth staff came up front and said they wanted to pray for us before we left. They wanted to pray as a family, as a community.

We shared our hearts with them and gave some specific ways to pray. Then we moved all of the chairs out of the way, and sat in the middle of a huge sea of high school students. They surrounded us and began to pray. It was a beautiful moment, given to us by God. One that will forever be seared in my memory.

After the prayer, many students embraced us with hugs and encouragement. One of these students was a 16 year old girl, who just 2 years ago was adopted from Eastern Europe. She lived in an orphanage most of her life and she came up to me with tears streaming down her face. She wept in my arms, as I wept in hers. Moments later, as we were still hugging, another girl who was adopted from Africa 2 years ago as a 16 year old, joined our embrace. We all cried together.

The connection felt in that moment was one that was indescribable. For me, it was a full redemptive moment. A moment that explained so much. For without our journey down this road of adoption, my heart would never have been so compassionate for these girls. And these girls’ lives have been a gift to me, as I see first-hand the life changing impact adoption can have on a person’s life. I am humbled that He has allowed us to walk down this road.

Thank you for your constant prayers and encouragement. We need your prayers now more than ever. This is where the real fun begins!


  • The major dates that we know are that we are leaving on Feb. 6th. Our court date is Feb. 11th.
  • We then will stay in Russia for a mandatory 10 day waiting period. We will get to visit him every day in the orphanage.
  • On Feb. 22nd, we will be able to bust him out.
  • Feb. 25th in the evening, we will travel on an overnight train to Moscow. We will arrive in Moscow Feb. 26th.
  • We will do paperwork at the US Embassy in Moscow Feb. 26-March 3rd. And we will come home March 4th.
  • This is all subject to change, but this is what we know as of now.

Prayer Requests:

  • For strength and organization as we spend these next 2 weeks preparing for our final trip to Russia
  • For our little boy, that he would somehow know we are coming for him

Until next Monday, love Kate & Steve


13 Responses to “My Status”

  1. Libby Hockaday said

    You are already a mommy you just haven’t brought him home yet. You are amazing and he is blessed more than he will ever know to have you. It has been a blessing to me to follow you through this journey.

  2. Kacey Cohen said

    Aaahh Kate, I so feel like I know you. I am going thru this all again emotionally. I can’t wait!!!! I’m so excited for you, sister! 12 more days!!! I am counting down with you!

  3. Katie Gamby said

    I love that you are “busting” your little boy out of that orphanage. thata girl! 🙂

  4. Wendi said

    You’ll be in Pskov before you know it and holding D in your arms forever. I’m so thrilled for you guys and can’t wait to hear all about it!! Say a special prayer for our M and us while you are in Pechory – God is Good!

    Hugs, Wendi

  5. Ronnie Lowe said

    My sweet girl, I have no idea if D will know that you are coming for him, but I am sure that as soon as he sees his Momma and Poppa, he will remember that you are the people who showed him such love. After that, the game is on! We know he loves you- we have watched the videos-over and over again. The look of love is all over his precious face. God has already knit your hearts together! “I just love that little guy”.
    Your ever lovin’ Momma

  6. Sue Lowe said

    Oops- I am using Dad’s computer and forgot to change off- the above post is from me- not Dad- but I guess you figured that one out already!
    STILL your ever lovin’ Momma

  7. Landon Jones said

    Thanks for your honesty because everything you’re feeling is valid. I am so glad that you got to have that experience with those girls at the youth worship and prayer. Little things mean so much more now.

    Just this past Sunday, I was holding Liam during musical worship at church and sang some lines from the song “Marvelous Light”. I had sung them 50 times before, but holding Liam in my arms, singing: “I once was fatherless, a stranger with no hope. You love has wakened me from my sleep” really got to me. Seeing his growth over the last three months has been just like that. The LORD has wakened him from his sleep.

    So, whether everything happens perfectly or not IS a big deal right now, and it should be! I freaked out and had to turn t over to the LORD too!! But, you must know from the other side that the hassle is worth it. D was once fatherless (and motherless) and a stranger with no hope, but no longer! If will take time for him to awaken, but it will happen, I promise you!

    We are praying for you guys every day. I wish we could have been in the Moscow airport on the same day so I could pray for you guys in person. But, I will most definitely be thinking of you and praying for you when I’m in the airport March 2nd.

  8. Crystal Uhl said

    Praise God! I am so overwhlemingly happy for you and Steve. God has blessed your journey and you have trusted him the entire way; even though it was rough at times. God Bless your new family!

  9. april said

    Our video is done! I wanted to say thank you for doing your own video because in doing so you inspired and encouraged us to make our own similar to yours but in our own way for our own adoption! Already we are receiving news that it has touched many people! Thanks so much for the emails you wrote helping us figure it out also! God bless! Praying you get to go get your son soon!

  10. Stephanie said

    This is amazing and I’m so happy for you! You will both make great parents – no, wait – you already do! Have a very safe trip! Hopefully I can cross paths with your mom at church in a few weeks to see a nice family picture!

  11. jodi tucker said

    Praying for all final details to work out. This is sooooo wonderful. Thank God that He ultimately controls all those details. So, I will pray Phil. 4:6-7 for Momma Kate, Papa Steve, and Little Man D. AND all the other lives that you may touch for Jesus when you are on the planes, trains, courtroom, orphanage, and everywhere else.

  12. Debbie Brumfield said

    Thank you for sharing your heart Kate – we are praying for you every day. When we adopted our first daughter years ago we claimed this verse for the judge in our case – Proverbs 21:1 The king’s heart is like channels of water in the hand of the Lord, He turns it wherever He wishes. We will continue to pray for God to work out all the details for you and that you would have favor with all the authorities. We are so excited for you both and your little guy! Your sharing and prayer time with the high school kids will be something they will treasure, and what a testimony to God’s goodness and how he answers prayer!

  13. Shelly said

    Hi! We’ve just begun our adoption process. I just found your blog and I love it! I can’t wait to see you travel soon!

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