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January 19, 2010

Wednesday morning began as any other. I woke up, took a shower, spent some time reading the Bible, called my mom, ate my apples with peanut butter and started on my day. I was hoping to get a call from our adoption agency regarding a court date, but I wasn’t expecting to hear anything until Friday.

It was a special day for me because a good friend and I were going to have lunch and go shopping. She is a friend from my church who I met through the adoption process. She and her husband adopted a little girl from Russia about 10 years ago and they have been a tremendous support to us through this journey. One of her stand-out memories of their adoption process was buying gifts for the different people who helped them out while they were in Russia and so she wanted to have a part in going shopping with me and buying gifts for those who will help us in Russia.

As I was leaving her house, my phone rang, but I didn’t answer it. When I got in the car to leave, I looked to see who had called. It was our adoption agency. At first I was nervous because it seemed too early to hear anything. I was afraid I would hear something like, “Kate, the judge would like to see some more paperwork before she sets a court date…”

So, I took a deep breath and called back. I heard, “Hello, Kate. Well, are you sitting down?”

“Yes,” I said, as my voice already started shaking just hearing her tone.

“Well, we have a court hearing scheduled for your son…” I started laughing, cautiously, because I still was unsure of when the court hearing would be. There was so much riding on the date because basically any date after Feb. 14th,  would require us to redo our entire home study, which would include a big chunk of money and a whole lot of time.

But, we also know that in our region, they only schedule court dates on Thursdays, so the only possibilities of a court date where we wouldn’t have to redo our home study would have either been February 4th or February 11th. It just seemed so unlikely that it would be either of those days, so I had my mind and heart somewhat adjusted to the expectation that we were going to have to redo our home study.

But either way, a court date is a court date and I was so excited! And she asked, “would you like to know when your court is scheduled?”


“February 11th – which means you will not have to redo your home study.”

I started laughing and screaming while apologizing for being so loud. I was trying to take deep breaths, but every breath I took ended up in either a scream or laughter. She let me know that she would be sending me an email in the next couple of days with the trip schedule and all that we would need to get in order before we leave. We hung up the phone and I just couldn’t wipe the smile off of my face. I got home and Steve and I jumped up and down and celebrated. It was an amazingly wonderful day. A day that I never thought would actually come.

It was so beautiful because the day before, I got a call from a dear friend who said, “I want you to know that I am fasting and praying for you and for the judge and the process today and tomorrow.” Steve was with a good friend that day who also prayed for us. And when I was in my small group the night before, the women decided to take every hour through the night to pray for the judge, the facilitator and all of the people and details involved in the decision. It was an overwhelming and humbling experience to sit there among this group of 15 women and feel the love and support and desperation on our behalf.

We had come to the place in this journey where we realized that there is absolutely nothing we can do except to plead with the One who holds the keys to our journey. For whatever reason, He has chosen to grant us favor in taking the next step towards becoming a family. We are so grateful.

Every morning I wake up with thoughts of our little man. I picture him in his little room, playing in his new home. I picture him eating ice cream for the first time. I picture our trip home together. I picture him meeting his grandmas and grandpas. I picture the little things of life together. We are so excited and grateful to be in this new phase of the journey. It is crazy and exciting with lots of work and details, but it is so fun knowing how close we are to the finish line.

My heart is overflowing. God is good and He is faithful. Thank you for journeying with us. We have been overwhelmed with the love, support, encouragement and perseverance that you have had as you have walked this path with us.  We can’t wait to share more blog updates from Russia in less than a month!!


  • we are leaving for Russia on February 6th!!!
  • we just need to secure our visas, complete a few more documents and do some doctor visits

Prayer Requests:

  • for our little boy’s heart, that it would begin getting ready for our return
  • for these next few weeks as we complete all of the necessary requirements to make our trip as smooth as possible

Here we go!!! Thanks so much for your prayers and support. Until next Monday, love Kate & Steve.


14 Responses to “News Flash”

  1. april said

    oh my gosh…how exciting! So happy for you and that you wont have to redo your homestudy! Praise God! just think…soon you’ll be home typing updates on how your little man is adjusting to life at his new home!

  2. Mama Mary said

    :o) Smiling with you!

  3. Kris said

    Praise God for His work in your adoption. You, Steve and your little boy will soon be a family. There can be no better ending than one orchestrated by God. Blessings to you Kate!

  4. Kacey said

    WOOOOOOOOOOOOO HOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! God is pretty cool, isn’t He?! He never ceases to amaze me!!!! Can’t wait to follow you on Twitter again!

  5. Ronnie Lowe said

    Katie, I will never forget where I was when you called to tell me about the court date. I was turning on a entrance ramp to I-95. I remember you telling me about the date and then I remember screaming, crying and yelling all at the same time. I remember pulling over and a car going around me and the driver giving me a look like I had lost my mind. I rode by that spot again the other day and began to cry, with tears of joy. I can’t wait for my grandson to get here. I have so much I want to tell him.

  6. Kristin said

    So so happy for you guys! I can’t wait to SEE your son.

  7. Courtney said

    truly amazing!

  8. Audrey said

    We are praising God with you. Praying for the final journey.

  9. Sarah said

    Such great news!
    We had our court date on Feb 14th, 2008. I can still remember the excitement of finally being able to book airline tickets for two adults and two children.

  10. kathy said

    Kate, I am SO EXCITED for you and Steve!! I have been following your blog because it is my story mirrored!!! I also received our court date call yesterday!!! We have court on the 4th of February! It is such a comfort having God walk this journey with my husband and I, thank you for always reminding me of his presence!! Just think, we will have our children home very soon!!!

  11. jodi tucker said

    OH YES!! Thank you Lord!! This is very exciting and wonderful news!! Can’t wait to meet little man one day at church. I am so smiling with you!

  12. Wendi said

    Praise the lord, I was so thrilled to hear your great news!! Will talk to you soon!

  13. Shannon said


    I am so thrilled for you and Steve and your little guy. Thank you for sharing so honestly the heartache and joy you’ve maneuvered these last few years. I am thinking of you as you and Steve prepare for your trip to Russia. Godspeed! And many many joy filled days to come!


  14. Landon Jones said

    So full of joy for you and with you!

    Weird question: When are you flying out of Moscow with D and which airport. I will be in the Domodedovo airport for a LONG layover on my way to our local CCC’s partnership country on March 2nd.

    It probably wouldn’t work out, but it would be so awesome if we ended up being in the same airport at the same time. I would love to pray in person for your flights!

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