A Filled Room

January 12, 2010

I’m sitting here in our little man’s room watching Steve put up blinds and curtains while listening to the WeeSing Fun N Folk CD. Songs like “Froggie went a courtin’” and “Old Dan Tucker.” It brings back memories of being a little girl on the hammock with my mom, singing with all the neighborhood kids. We would just sing and sing all afternoon.

I’m sitting in our new glider, looking at D’s bed all decked out with a quilt, sheets and bed skirts. I look to my right and see his closet filled with precious little clothes and toys and socks and shoes. I see his little personalized comfy chair from Aunt Lyndsey and Uncle Jeff. I am overwhelmed with gratitude.

For so many years I would close the door of this room, as it was a constant reminder of the “room that was suppose to be..”. And now, this room is the room that brings me the most joy, the most hope, the most reminders of God’s goodness in our lives.

This room has been filled by the outpouring of people who have traveled this journey of adoption with us. Many of the people who helped fill this room also were the ones who gave to us financially to help support our adoption. I am so humbled.

Each night, Steve and I sit in our son’s room. We start out by just talking and dreaming and wondering what the future is going to be. What toys will he love the most? What books will we read over and over again? What will he look like in his cute little polar bear pajamas? What memories will we create in that room? Then, we pray for him.

It began with us just sitting on the floor of an empty room, with our hands resting on his crib. As each week of waiting went by, we slowly moved from a room where our voices would echo to a room slowly taking shape for our little man. We are unable to deny His goodness.

On the wall are pictures of our time with D in his orphanage. They are precious images filled with smiles and giggles, with hope and longing. They remind us that God has given us far more than we could have asked or imagined in our little man. He is so perfectly made for us.

As I reflect on God’s goodness to me, I am so thankful that my mom was in town this past week to attend a shower given to us by some wonderful friends. It was a great day filled with laughter and tears and prayers.

The men even came, which I was so grateful for. I know it’s not a “guy thing”, to go to a shower, but they were so gracious to be there and I loved having Steve by my side. We truly sense that our long and painful journey of waiting is coming to an end. Speaking of which…

This afternoon Steve and I were sitting in Starbucks when I got a called from our agency. We were told that our facilitator in Russia will be meeting with the judge on Wednesday to review our documents and hopefully set a court date. Our facilitator will push hard for a date as early as possible, maybe even the beginning of February. Or it’s possible it may not be until the end of February.

The worst case scenario would be if the judge finds something wrong with our paperwork and asks us to redo it before any court dates are set. That would prolong our waiting by months. So, I am asking that you would be praying extra prayers this week. Our region in Russia is 8 hours ahead of us, so if you are up late on Tuesday night, feel free to begin praying specifically for our facilitator. We ask for your prayers all through Wednesday morning as well.

I pray that the judge will find favor with our documents. That she will look at them and say, “oh, this is an easy one!” I pray that everyone will be in the right place at the right time to make the best decision. I pray for an early court date so that we will not have to redo our home study. Would you join me in these prayers?

I fully believe that your prayers and God’s power have sustained us in this season of waiting. I trust that these same prayers will be a part of plans working smoothly this week in Russia. As Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego once prayed, even if things don’t work out they way we planned, God is still good and worthy to be praised.

I fully believe that. Even if we do encounter the worst case scenario for this week, God is still a good, loving God who is passionate about His children. This journey  has led me to such a confident declaration.

Thank you for walking it with us. We covet your prayers and encouragement during this time of aching and longing for our little man.


  • Wednesday is a big day as we await the word from our region’s judge
  • the clock is ticking on some important documents that will soon expire

Prayer Requests:

  • that the judge would OK our documents and set us an early court date
  • that our little man would remember us and long for us to come and get him

Until next Monday, love Kate and Steve.


11 Responses to “A Filled Room”

  1. april said

    what a beautiful room! Praying everything goes smoothly with the judge and that you can hopefully go in February to pick up your son! :0) So excited for you!

  2. Kacey said

    Will be staying up to pray for the judge – that his eyes see nothing but perfection. 🙂

    And thanks for the pictures!!! So adorable!!!

  3. Wendi said

    I’m praying for a speedy court date….early February sounds great. Fingers crossed, keep me posted. God is good!

  4. BJ Melbourne said

    Oh I will join you in the prayers!

  5. jen said

    oh, yeah, i am so glad we heard something!!! God, please, please, please..

  6. Miss Nan said

    Thinking about you and praying for everything to go smoothly. With love.

  7. Victoria said

    It’s early Wednesday morning in Russia – I’ll be praying that the judge thinks everything is perfect, and will go ahead and schedule the court date! Post an update as soon as you can! I remember this feeling like it was yesterday, but it has been 2 years now. The court date is such a wonderful, wonderful final hurdle. Much love –

  8. jodi tucker said

    Please God!! Your humble servants,Kate and Steve, want to raise their child to love you like they do….Please God, let D. come to them soon!

  9. Audrey said

    Just read the exciting news on FB. Anxious to read your next blog! 😉 I just can’t imagine your excitement and joy. Looking forward to pictures of your completed family. God is good.

  10. Romina Colucci said

    Hello Steve and Kate,
    we are just starting the paperwork to adopt a little 2 year old in Russia.
    I like to read your blog because you are about one year ahead of us.
    I hope you will get your son as soon as possible.
    I wish the best for your family,


  11. Melissa O'Brien said

    The Room looks awesome! I will be praying that everything goes well and you will bring you little one home in next month!

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