December 29, 2009

We are still in beautiful North Carolina. There is something about the Carolina blue sky and sun that makes you forget about the cold. We have been having a great time with family and friends.

This past week I have been reminded of how good and loving God is. I was filled with pain and frustration when I wrote last week’s blog entry. Before long I got a call from our new friend, Stephanie, who actually adopted her daughter from the same orphanage as our little boy. Her daughter, Grace, and our son were in the same small group.

Stephanie called to say she felt my pain and also to let me know that her friends and family raised money to send to the orphanage this year for Christmas. The money was spent on new toys and a special meal for Grace’s orphanage and specifically Grace’s group, so that would include our little guy.

It warmed our hearts to think that our son is having a special day, even though we couldn’t be there for it. God answered our prayers by giving our boy something to make him smile this season. We are so grateful that God uses people to be His hands and feet in this world.

Then I received an email from another new friend, who also just brought home her little boy from our son’s orphanage. She deeply encouraged us with words of hope and compassion. It reminded me that as we walk through the longing and sadness of this season, we are not alone.

God has also surrounded us with family who loves us deeply. We have watched our DVD with my parents and Steve’s parents multiple times and each time our parents laugh and cry and grow more and more in their love with their grandson. I am so thankful to have parents who are completely supportive of our path towards adoption. They all bought our little man Christmas gifts and treat him as if he is “here”, and remind us that we are so close…

There is a song by Matt Redman that has been the soundtrack of my mind these past few days. The chorus of the song goes, “Through it all, You are faithful. Through it all, You are strong. As we walk through the shadows, still you shine on.” He is shining on as we walk through the shadows.

As we look back on 2009, we have many “shadows”. The shadows of waiting far exceeded our expectations, and our longing  far exceeded what we thought our hearts could ever handle. But, we have also seen His light shining so much brighter than we have ever seen in our lives.

Our shining moment of 2009 was when we were sitting in a doctor’s office in a Russian orphanage when all of a sudden we heard a knock at the door.  In walked the cutest little boy we have ever laid eyes on. And in that moment, the shadows of waiting parted.

The shining of His light and His goodness overwhelmed the shadows. As we wait and continue to long for our family to finally be together forever, we can’t help but be reminded of His goodness, His plan and His faithfulness in our lives.


  • we continue to wait on a court date
  • the holiday season in Russia picks up in January so things may remain silent for a few more weeks

Prayer Requests:

  • for patience as the waiting can often feel unbearable
  • for our little boy, that we would somehow know we’re coming back for him

Until next Monday, love Kate and Steve.

7 Responses to “Shadows”

  1. Wendi said

    I love reading your blog posts – they are always filled with promise and hope. That promise and hope will get you through until you receive your court date, I promise! Your little guy is so blessed to have such amazing parents. Godspeed and God bless you all!

  2. april said

    how wonderful that you were able to find out that that family sent stuff to the orphanage to make their christmas better and knowing your son took part in the receiving of whatever was sent! I will continue to pray for you guys! Good news…our pastor and I have been chatting and they are willing to mic us and do the video DVD for us professionally! So thankful that is working out! We are hoping to get the DVD made here within a week or so! Our adoption blog will hopefully be up and running next week! :0)

  3. kirsten said

    🙂 also, love the way he’s holding on to steve’s shirt!

  4. april said

    Hey! Just wanted to let you know we have our new official adoption blog up and running! Feel free to subscribe and follow along with us on our journey of bringing home our first child from Uganda, Africa!

  5. Angie said

    I’ve been thinking of you guys and praying for you. I can picture your little man clinging to the album you made him. What joy you will have in your reunion. I will pray for speed. This will be a Happy New Year! Much love!

  6. Mama Garcia said

    You and Steve are going to make wonderful parents! I can picture Steve wrestling with D (when he gets a little older of course)and teaching him to play soccer and baseball. I can picture him in Kate’s arms in a rocking chair, singing to him and filling his little love tank to overflowing. I can picture both of you teaching him about God and tucking him in at night with prayers. May God fill you both with his peace as you wait. Much love…

  7. Meredith Foster said

    Kate and Steve,

    You are so close. I think that is so neat that you have made friends with people who are truly in your boat. They are not just adoptive parents, but they are even more similar than that. You interact with the same people and experience the same joys and pain. What a great blessing and a cool relationship to have. I am so thankful for both of your friends who are giving you the strength and compassion you need to race through this final mile. I love you more than you will ever, ever, ever know. I can’t wait to meet D.

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