November 25, 2009

Thanksgiving, for many of us, is a holiday that brings images of turkey, mashed potatoes, and Steve’s favorite, cranberry sauce. It sparks visuals of sitting around a table with family or friends.

This day on the calendar gives us permission to take time to give thanks and express our gratitude. But for some, this holiday is a difficult one.

I think of a girl in our ministry who just experienced death in her family leaving her with no parents.

I think of a friend who has a strained relationship with her family and is dreading the idea of all getting together on this day.

I think of a little boy in Russia who will wake up on Thursday like any other day and have no family to share the day. And I think of a couple who is longing for the day to finally be reunited with their son forever.

But even amidst the pain of separation, there is so much to be thankful for. This past year has brought pain and heart ache like I have never known, like having to say goodbye to our son without knowing when we would return.

But I have also experienced joy and gratitude and blessing like I have never known. The joy of seeing our little boy’s face for the first time. The blessing of those precious 5 hours with our little one, the giggles, the smiles, the hugs, the bonding. I am so grateful.

in the spirit of eating, here is our little guy feeding Steve

And on this Thanksgiving day, I will sit in awe and humility by the outpouring of love, support and encouragement that we have been given this year through people.

I think of the week before we left for Russia, and every day, people from all over were sending us money, gifts, encouragement cards and prayers.

I think of my parents and Steve’s parents who met us at our layover in the airport in Charlotte on our way home from Russia, to catch a glimpse of pictures of their grandson for the first time.

I think of the women who are planning baby showers for me over the next 2 months.

I think of a dear friend who made me a beautiful story book that has pictures of our little one and his story.

I think of 3 high school girls who raised $500 for our little one’s orphanage. Instead of asking for gifts for their birthday, they threw a fundraiser party and all of their friends brought donations.

I think of a family who sent us a box of gifts. Each child picked out a gift for our little one. One of the gifts that the young boy picked out was a Little People Rescue toy, and he said he picked it out because we were rescuing our son.

I think of one of my friends who drove me up to Cleveland for the second time in one week to get one document authenticated.

I think of the comments like, “I am praying for you.” “This must be so difficult to be away from your son.”

I think our notary, who works at our church, who drops everything she is doing to notarize our documents on a weekly basis, and she does it with a big picture of our little man posted on her wall.

I am grateful. In fact, I can’t even seem to think of a word that would match the gratitude that I feel in my heart. Through the pain of this process, I have experienced the unbelievable joy of poured out love into our lives. There is blessing on the road marked with suffering.

And on this Thanksgiving, we will still long for our son, but we will also have much to be grateful for. Far more than we have ever had. Thank you for being a part of that gratitude.


  • all of our paperwork should be in Russia at this time
  • we await for it to be processed, then hope to get a court date soon

Prayer Requests:

  • for patience and strength as we wait to be reunited with our little guy
  • that he would somehow know in his heart that we are coming back for him

Until next Monday, love Kate & Steve.

5 Responses to “Thankful”

  1. Kacey said

    Yay! Soon, soon, soon you will be back in the freezing cold of Russia with the warmest hearts on the globe!!!!!

  2. BJ Melbourne said

    Thanks for all your warm thoughts..Im almost always near tears to follow your journey! I’m thankful you are home with your parents and pray how soon little D will be with all of you! Happy Thanksgiving!

  3. Mama Mary said

    A blessed Thanksgiving, Kate & Steve!

  4. Guest said

    Following your story has truly opened my heart and has taught me how much I take my own children for granted. Thank you so much for sharing your story. I now take them time to give each of my children a blessing when I tuck them in at night after bedtime prayers. I am praying for your son and you both.

    Thank you.

  5. Lauren said

    Beautiful Kate… What a wonderful message of Thanksgiving.. My heart is warmed and you and your family are in my daily prayers. Blessing for you and your little guy.

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