Wanted: Wisdom

September 29, 2009

A couple of weeks ago, I was with  a small group of women discussing the word “wisdom”. What is it? How do you get it? Where does it come from?

We had great conversation about how wisdom is a gift given generously by God when we ask for it. But we have to ask in faith that He will give it to us. It was one of those evenings where on my way home I thought, “that was a good conversation…I think I understand wisdom now.”

Fast forward from that night to last Thursday. We received a call from our case worker asking us if we would be open to broadening the age range we requested for our adopted child from 0-18 months up to 26 months. She let us know that she believed we would receive a referral much faster if we did this.

For us, this was a big decision. For the last year and a half of this process, I had always pictured a little “baby”.  That I would have only missed out on a few months of their little life. I felt like I could handle that. But, two years? Thats two years of their little life, we may never know. Two years of their life that we weren’t a part of. Two years of not having a mommy or daddy to hug them and cuddle them and kiss their bumps and bruises.

I asked her if I could call her back after I talked to Steve and we prayed about it.  She was absolutely agreeable and applied zero pressure on us.  She was simply calling to give us the opportunity to think about it. I began to pray. I texted a good friend athe message “pray for wisdom”.  Then I began to think more about that word. Wisdom.

It’s easy to talk about in a circle of friends. It’s easy to give the word a definition. But, when I was placed in a spot where I was desperately seeking wisdom, new questions and new frustrations about the word came to my mind. How do I know if I have it? How do I know if the decision we make is one made out of God’s wisdom or just my own desires? When I ask for wisdom in faith – how do I know when it gets to me? Why doesn’t a package appear on my front porch labeled “wisdom” where all I would have to do is open it up and there my answer would be – “Wisdom from God….”

As I prayed and began desperately seeking wisdom, I began learning that wisdom and faith go hand in hand. If God’s answer to this question were wrapped up in a box and placed on my front step, faith would not be necessary. And isn’t this entire journey of life meant to bring us closer and closer to the heart of God? To trust Him more. To know Him more. To walk with Him and near Him more.

As I quieted my spirit, I sensed Him telling me, “Don’t look for a box. Look for ME.” After a lot of thought and prayer we decided to go ahead and increase our age range because we fully believe God is taking us on this path to our child. Who am I to tell God how old my child is?

I am fully convinced that He has our child picked out for us, that He knows the number of hairs on their little head. That He knit them in their mother’s womb and has even prepared their little heart for us. I am convinced that no matter how old they are, God will give us all that we need to be good parents.

This has been an adventure for sure. But every step along the way, God has given us peace as we make decisions. Peace in these circumstances are only from Him and a reminder of His continued goodness, faithfulness and leading in our lives. We can hardly wait for what He has in store for us. He has already given us so much along the way and we haven’t even met our little one yet!

Your love, support and encouragement are constant reminders of His love for us. Thank you for being so committed and loyal as you journey with us. We hope to be able to share some really good news with you soon!!


  • We broadened our orginially requested age range from 0-18 months to 26 months
  • this requires us to do some rather expensive paperwork adjustments
  • we are so thankful for friends we’ve met through this blog whose wisdom and advice have been priceless to us

Prayer Requests:

  • that our referral will come soon!
  • we have SO many other life decisions to make that are affected by the timing of this adoption. We need lots of wisdom 🙂
  • for our little one, that he or she would somehow know that we’re coming for them!

Until next Monday, love Kate & Steve.

9 Responses to “Wanted: Wisdom”

  1. Kirsten said

    beautiful kate, just beautiful! what a huge thing to learn for yourself. and what a huge thing you can pass on to others. and what a huge thing you’ll be able to teach your little one. it’s going to be so worth it all! praying for continued wisdom. 🙂

  2. debra said

    Hi guys – I have now adopted 3 little girls from Russia… we started out looking to adopt a little girl up to 3 years old and ended up bringing home sisters of 2.5 years and 8 months. Now last year we heard of their new biological sibling and she came home last month at 14months. But just wanted to say I feel absolutely no difference between the children adopted as babies vs. a 2 year old. Her age has never been an issue in terms of having missed anything. She is progressing great and now she will be 4 next month and is an adorable little girl. If you are intereste dour video is on youtube…search under Russian Adoption – 1 year on – Summer 09. There is also our Coming HOme video in which you can see her transformation. God bless Debra

  3. lynn ortis said

    I love your post. I know what you mean. It is soeasy to talk about faith and then when you are living it wow!!!! The Lord told my husband we had a daughter in Russia. (he is not that type!!!) He led us to a older child and during the changes scary but looking back it is so obvious. We are adopting 2 year old girl twins. We are leaving for court Sunday. It has been hard but he has given you so much wisdom so keep going as he knits your story together. Our blog is youbelong.net/theortisfamily password Kati. I am not a great writer but it has amazed us the journey he has taken us on!!!! I dont know you but I am praying for your precious family!!!! I know he is putting together one awesome story of love and redemption.

  4. Jen Quirk said

    i can honestly say that i look forward to mondays because i know i’ll get to hear from you. i love that….’wisdom and faith go hand in hand’. so much to think on tonight…thank you 🙂

  5. BJ Melbourne said

    Katie, This was such a wonderful message for you to share with us..we all can use the faith and wisdom reminders. And to hear from the lady with 3 little girls from Russia just makes me know that God has great things in store for you and Steve. God bless your enlightened journey. Love Billie jo

  6. jodi tucker said

    Still praying and journeying with you…..What an awesome post on wisdom and faith! 🙂

  7. Sarah said

    When we were adopting (3yr old boy, 20 month sister) I at first felt sadden by the fact that I felt that we had missed out on so much of their first years. However after meeting them I got so much more excited about the many years and firsts still to come. O
    Also once we met the children I realised how young and baby like 2 and 3 year olds are and how many great things there are about that age.
    I too believe that God has your child already chosen and that this is not a random process.
    By the way, our age limit was 6 years.
    All the best

  8. Victoria said

    We wanted a real baby-baby too. However, with the system in Russia, although we accepted a referral of an 11 month old little girl, she was 17 months old when we finally brought her home. I totally agree that these children are way younger looking than their western peers. You can still use a baby swing, a crib, baby toys, etc. The children that live in Russian baby homes are truly so needy, that to give any one of them a better life is such joy – for them and you. It is true, you are haunted by the ones you leave behind. It makes you want to tell everyone to go adopt them! So whatever age you get, a life is changed forever, and God is glorified. They are VERY, VERY special children. They are so different than the spoiled children in the western world. Until you see it, it just can’t be explained. You will see – very soon! 🙂


  9. Sarah said

    After reading the above comment I wanted to add that when we got home both of our children went through a lot of the baby stages that they had missed out on and in fact we had to buy rattles and a lot of baby toys. I would advise anyone adopting, no matter the age of child, to buy a rocking chair as I have spent many hours rocking both my children. My now 4 year old still likes to pretend he is ‘Mama’s baby’.
    When my husband and I were faced with raising our requsted age limit a good friend told me that she found that she loved whatever age her children were actually at and every age had so many good things about it. For me at the time this was my ‘wisdom found’ moment.

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