September 15, 2009

This past Friday I went out to lunch with a friend who adopted a girl from Russia about 10 years ago. She and her family have been so very encouraging to us through this process. It is so wonderful to have a support system of people who have been down this road and who know exactly what I mean when I say “referral” or “USCIS” or “waiting”.

She shared with me such a sweet story. The night before we met for lunch she told her daughter at bed time that she would be going out to lunch with me. Her daughter replied….”They’re STILL waiting?” I thought that was precious that this little girl felt our waiting and longing from the other side of the process. I am so grateful for their friendship.

I’ve been thinking a lot about planets this week. For those of you who know me, you may laugh, because I am definitely not science-minded in any way. But humor me. You may have heard the facts before about how the planets are aligned. If the Earth was posititioned even a centimeter closer to the sun, we would all burn to death and if the earth were positioned just a centimeter further from the sun, we would all freeze to death.

Sometimes I wonder why God would make it that way. Wouldn’t He want to give some “buffer room” in case of some catastrophic event? I mean, less than a centimeter. That’s not  a lot to work with.

But it’s so beautiful that He would do it this way. It’s a reminder that He is a God who is detail-oriented. He knows His creation deeply, intimately, specifically. He is not a God who needs “buffer room”.

I think God wanted all of us to make sure we know and remember that He is the One who holds life together. I am reminded that if He can align our planet so perfectly to be able to sustain life, do I not also believe that He will align our hearts to our little one’s at just the right time???

And the right time may not mean the quickest time, the easiest time, the time that I would want on my time table. But, the RIGHT time. The time where our lives will thrive together.

The waiting has been hard. There have been days, like last night even, that I have pleaded with God and asked Him to please let me meet my little one. Sometimes I feel like my heart may explode with the anticipation from waiting. I wonder why and how long Oh Lord?

…And then, in the deepest place of my heart that wells all the way up into my mind, I sense His still small voice whisper into me.. ”Planets. Trust me.” I take a deep breath, and my anxieties turn to excitement as I wonder about the aligning He must be doing.


  • we continue to work on paperwork here and there, but for the most part we are just ready for the phone call to come

Prayer Requests:

  • the waiting continues to be tough for us both
  • please pray for our little one, that they will be loved and held and well cared for until we meet

Until next Monday, love Kate & Steve


2 Responses to “Planets”

  1. Kirsten said

    🙂 i wish i could do a smiley face with a tear! it would be a good tear because of your sweet heart and all of the good work the Lord is doing in you, through you, and for you.

  2. jodi tucker said

    I am anxious for a little Garcia to arrive in the nursery at church……will be praying toward this end for a quick “alignment!!” So glad that Joe T. can be Steve’s D-group co-leader in anticipation of parenthood for you both!

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