The God Who Connects Hearts

September 8, 2009

Last night was our first kick off night of our Sunday night programs with the high school ministry. It was an awesome night with new and familiar faces. I was energized and reminded how much I love high school students and how God has blessed us in so many ways. We worshiped together, dug into the bible together, and just enjoyed being together. It was so fun and fulfilling and exciting.

Last night was also a marking of a new season. Summer is officially over and a new school year begins. The summer flew by. It’s also amazing to think that we have now been officially waiting for 5 months in our new region of Pskov. In many ways it has gone by so fast, and in some ways, the wait feels never ending. But, what I continue to be reminded of is that God is sovereign and is writing the story of our lives to connect with our little one.

Each twist and turn is a part of  the story, part of the adventure. So I have truly begun to feel grateful as we wait  and to believe that God is preparing the perfect time for our adoption to take place. I think there is so much beauty and power in our stories. There is so much to gain in the process, but I often  just want to skip to the “outcome”.

However, the story is what builds us, what molds us and challenges us. The story is what makes us understand who we are – the good, the bad and the ugly. And even more, the story helps us to gain understanding into the heart of God. In the heart of God is beauty and redemption, but there is also pain and waiting. He knows pain. He knows waiting.

So as He gives me these opportunities to connect with Him and the story He is writing in my life, I pray that I would open my heart to what He wants to teach me, what He wants to show me, how He wants to surprise me and blow me away with His goodness and kindness and faithfulness. But, I have to let Him write it and not take the pen in my own hands.

God has led us to some beautiful stories of adoption as we have written this blog and been able to “meet” other families going through the same process. I have been so deeply encouraged by the writings of those who are going before us. Steve and I have been following the blogs of two different families who are just a few months ahead of us in the process. They both, in the past month have brought their children home from Russia.

Steve and I sit on the couch together and anxiously await their updates, to see their pictures of the children in the orphanage and even wonder if one of those pictures may have captured our child. Often tears stream down our cheeks out of joy and celebration of two children who now have parents who will love them forever, cherish them, value them and tell them of their story. And tears stream down our cheeks because we feel the depth of emotion as we journey with them.

We are grateful that God intersected our paths with these two families who we would never have known had it not been for our common bond of adopting from Russia. And now we feel forever connected to these people we may never even meet. So the power of story reminds us again of the God who sees…the God who connects hearts.

We continue to pray and believe that God is working behind the scenes, moving the pieces and parts of our story to beautifully collide with the pieces and parts of a little one’s story in Russia. Out of that beautiful collision will flow a new family, a father to the fatherless and a child to the childless. God’s redemption will be in full glory.

Thank you for journeying with us. We have been so blessed by the countless ways you have encouraged us. God knew that we could not walk this path alone. The path of pain and waiting can never be walked alone. We are so grateful for the people He has placed in our lives to hold our arms up when we are weak and to cheer us on to the finish line. We have truly felt strength rising as we are in this time of waiting.


  • everything that we can control seems to be in order
  • we just anxiously await the moment that phone rings

Prayer Requests:

  • we are growing weary of waiting and need strength
  • for our little one, that they would experience love as they wait for us

Until next Monday, love Kate and Steve

7 Responses to “The God Who Connects Hearts”

  1. Sue said

    Ahhhh- how very thankful I am that God connected our story from the very beginning, my precious daughter. I also love to recall the story of how the Lord connected the lives of you and Steve- such a wonderful story. “He’s an on time God, oh yes HE is. He’s an on time God, oh yes HE is. He may not come when you want it but He’ll be there right on time. He’s an on time GOd, oh yes He is!”
    Love, Mom

  2. Lynn said

    How beautiful. There is such a raw beauty in your story. I can sense how special you are to God. Watch out he will blow you away!!!! We are adopting twins and waited . We knew God called us to Russia but the wait time seriously has been the closest I have been to him . He has molded me into a different person. There have been times I have screamed at him but now lookng back I get what he was doing. The children had to be ready. When we met them it was instant love. We have 3 bio boys and honestly the love was as WOW as my kids births. God has something so special in store for you I cant wait to see this unfold!!!!! We go to court in a week so there is a end!!!!!

  3. Amy said

    Your blog brought tears to my eyes. We are also in the waiting process and I agree, it is very hard. I do believe that God is waiting for the perfect one for all of us. I hope we can endure this process together with that special phone call very soon…..

  4. joditucker said

    Waiting and praying with you!!

  5. Monica said

    And what a beautiful collision there will be!

  6. Ines said

    I just saw your video in youtube. You are wonderful! You give second chance for two children! Through you God give a new life and a new way for two children. God bless you so much! Never give up!
    I’m guardian for two children and worked in orphanage about 4 years.
    (from Latvia)

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