The Latest Update

August 18, 2009

Well, this week has been fairly uneventful on the adoption front. Just lots more waiting. I often times walk into our little one’s room and wonder what it will be like to go in there and see our little one laying in his crib or playing with his toys. Right now, it is just a reminder of waiting.

I go into a quiet room and just pray for our little one, for his his/her life right now. I think about where our child may be sleeping. Is he comfortable? Does she have a little stuffed animal to hold? Is he sung to sleep at night? Soon, and I truly believe soon, those questions will have answers. The room will have an occupant. My heart will have relief.

So because there is not much to report, we thought we would give a brief overview of the last year or so, since many who read this blog are new. Sometimes, it’s good to look back and see how far we’ve come and also look forward to what is ahead.

2007 was our year of prayer and guidance for our parenthood.

In May of 2008, we finally decided that God was leading us to adopt a child from Russia. We needed $40,000, we had $0. All we had were big prayers and an even bigger God.

June – August of 2008 was filled with lots of paperwork; we completed our home study; we went to Cleveland to get our fingerprints; fire inspections; background checks and interviews.

September of 2008 we sent our completed paperwork (dossier) to Russia to be registered in the area of St. Petersburg. Our friends from Michigan had a fundraiser dinner for us and blessed us tremendously with their encouragement and generosity.

October of 2008 was a month filled with emotion. Our paperwork had been  turned in and we began the “helpless” feeling of nothing to “do”.

In November of 2008, our close friends threw a celebration dinner to raise money for our adoption. It was an absolutely amazing night and we raised over $10,000. God absolutely blew us away and showed us that He was working and moving even when things didn’t “feel” like it.

December of 2008 and January of 2009 were filled with more waiting. Between our holidays and holidays in Russia, there was not much movement and we began hearing rumors of the closing down and slowing down of adoptions in Russia. Those were a scary couple of months, but God continued to give us peace in our decision.

February and March of 2009 could be charactized as “intense waiting”. God was showing us so much about Himself and His sustaining power and there were times when the waiting seemed like it would never end.

In April of 2009, we were informed that our agency was going to change our region from St. Petersburg to Pskov. They felt that we would get a faster referral if we were to go with Pskov. The wait time that they gave us was 4-8 months, but it could be longer because there are so many unknown factors.

So, here we are – the middle of August, 2009. We have been waiting 4 and ½ months since we changed to Pskov. We are at the lower end of the projected waiting time. We do feel like things are moving. We know of another family who just finalized their adoption in Pskov and we heard great things about the judge and the court and the whole process. So, we are very encouraged by that.

In the last 15 months, God has taken us on a journey that has been filled with excitement and frustration, joy and grief, hopelessness and hopefulness, perseverance and feeling close to throwing in the towel. But, He has been our Sustainer, our Guide through the rough waters. He has given us deeper joy and peace in Him than we ever would have known without this journey.

He has also given us compassion for others who are in the waiting room. He has created in us a deep dependency by slowly and graciously taking our hands off the steering wheel.

There were many times when this process wasn’t pretty. There were times where I raised my proverbial fists to the sky in frustration of God’s timing and plans. And each time, He would let me yell…and then bring me close to His heart and whisper His love to me through peace, through His Word, through friends, through family, through Steve.

And so we continue to wait…hopefully not much longer…but who knows?

Thanks for waiting with us, for taking this journey at our side. We truly could not do this without you and your prayers and encouragement. We have been deeply and widely blessed with amazing friends and family.


  • we keep discovering more paperwork that is expiring and will need to be redone 😦 This is an unfortunate reality of this process
  • we are officially in the new window of possibility our agency quoted to us with regards to getting a referral

Prayer Requests:

  • at times the waiting has been unbearable – please pray for strength for Steve and I
  • for our little one, wherever he or she may be right now, that they would be cared for and loved

Until next Monday, love Kate & Steve.

4 Responses to “The Latest Update”

  1. Hi there…just wanted to encourage you both to remain faithfully waiting as you will have your day. It will delight you and thrill you beyond your wildest imagination. I know this for a fact!!! Savour each of these moments/stages of adoption and do not allow discouragement to steal any of your joy. Just keep hanging in there and you will be rewarded with the most perfect child selected by our Great God;-). Best wishes and many blessings…Trisha (mom2b4#10)
    P.S…send an email to me for an invitation to our adoption blog. It is private so that I may feel free to post as it transpires. There is no mention of our plans on our family blog.

  2. Mom said

    Thanks for the update. It is good to look back at our beginning and see how very far we have come. It IS going to happen and what a wonderful day that will be~~~ thanks for blessing us with this blog.

  3. Sarah Moffitt said

    You’re right about God moving even when it doesn’t feel like it. You must be starting to feel a little bit of excitement beginning to stir knowing that you are now within the ‘window of possibility’. It will happen, you will watch your little one sleeping in their bed, you will have toys scattered over the floor, tiny clothes in your washing basket, handprints on your windows, little shoes by the door…Until it does I pray for strength and peace in the waiting, that the waiting will soon end and the next part of the journey begin and, as always, that your little one is loved, sung to until you hold him/her in your arms.

  4. Victoria said

    Kate –

    So sorry this has happened to you. We adopted from Russia last year, and from the time we signed with our agency to bringing her home, was 2 1/2 years. We had to redo everything – it was horrible. So I REALLY feel your pain. It would just come in waves, sometimes sadness, then frustration, then anger at the whole system. You are closer now than you have ever been! I love the title of a book on infertility, “When Empty Arms Become a Heavy Burden”. Great title when you are heartbroken to hold your little baby! Try to enjoy your time with your husband and friends while you can – once you are a mother, you will NEVER sleep well again! 🙂
    Hope you hear something soon –


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