Lessons from Ecuador

June 30, 2009

Sorry I missed writing the blog last week. Steve and I took a group of 14 students to beautiful Quito, Ecuador. It was an amazing experience and God taught us so much there about Himself.

There were 2 things that stood out to me during the trip that brought my mind and heart towards our adoption. The first was when we pulled off on the side of the road on top of a mountain in Quito. It overlooked the valley and all of the spread across it. Ahead of me, I saw more mountains underneath a beautiful blue sky with huge puffy white clouds. We sat by ourselves for a few minutes to just contemplate and think.


I thought a lot about how incredibly huge and creative God is. He is the maker of the mountains and the sky and the clouds. He not only knows each of the people who live in the valley, but He created them. These are people I will probably never meet in my lifetime, but they each have their own story, and they were each created by God, and therefore valued by God.

The scene reminded me that God is creative in all of His ways. Each of our stories are different. Each twist and turn, mountain and valley of our lives are known and written by Him. As I looked over the city, I was reminded in my heart that He knows me, and that He is creatively writing out my story in a way that will bring Him glory. So we continue to wait and hope and pray for our little one, knowing that the waiting is all a part of the story He is writing in and through our lives.

The second snapshot that I will keep in my heart forever is one of Steve with this cute little boy in his arms. We affectionately called him “Chanco” (a Nacho Libre reference). We met him at a place where people work in a trash dump in Ecuador. It’s a place where the lowest of the low work long shifts sorting through garbage to find “valuable” recyclables to earn an income.

There is a ministry that works with them called Extreme Response. They started a daycare for the children of the parents who work at the dump so the kids can have a somewhat “normal” childhood. (Normal in comparison to working alongside your parents in a mountain-sized trash heap).

Well, there was this little boy at the dump, Chancho. He was so cute and chubby. But he never smiled. He didn’t want anyone to pick him up or really even come near him. He was content with just his little soccer ball that he carried around with him. Steve was immediately drawn to him.


For hours, Steve pursued him. Steve gave him his space, but was always available for the little guy. By the end of the day, little Chancho allowed Steve to hold him and he gave Steve a big hug and a huge smile. It was beautiful. It made me think about 2 things.

The first is what an amazing dad Steve is going to be. The love in Steve’s eyes for this little guy that he didn’t even know was obvious to everyone. I can’t wait to see that love come alive and be poured out on our little one when he/she comes home.

The second is the fact that children understand persistent pursuit. This is a reality of all parenting, but especially parenting an adopted child. I was reminded of the power of a not giving up kind of love. I am praying that even now God will put that kind of love in our hearts for our little one and that even in the face of what seems like “rejection”, we would continue to love with a persistent pursuit of our child.


  • still working through all of the details of which documents need to be updated and which ones are good to go
  • we know our name is on a list in Russia…where on that list is what we don’t know

Prayer Requests:

  • for continued strength as we wait
  • for the children at the dump and other countless children in the world in need of love and hope
  • that our child would be loved and touched

Thanks so much for continuing along this journey with us. We know it isn’t too exciting to sit around and wait. It means so much that you are staying with us and praying for us! Until next Monday, love Kate & Steve.

2 Responses to “Lessons from Ecuador”

  1. Monica said

    “As I looked over the city, I was reminded in my heart that He knows me, and that He is creatively writing out my story in a way that will bring Him glory.”
    ~~~And as I read your words, I was reminded of the same things. Thank you, Kate, for that!

  2. Mama Mary said

    As I followed your mission blog & saw the picture of you, Kate, holding a child, and now this picture of Steve with a little boy, I could see you two parents of children from all over the world – an international family! – starting with Russia, then India which I envisioned many months ago (remember me sitting on your couch talking about that?), and maybe even Ecuador. Who knows? God knows – He knows your tender hearts. Waiting and praying with you.

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