The Notebook

June 9, 2009

It’s so amazing how God always gives me a story to share on the blog each week. So often on Saturday or Sunday, I wonder…”what in the world am I going to write about this week? Nothing has changed. No progress has been made. What more can you say about waiting?” As always, God gives me something to write about.

Sometimes it is a thought that He brings to me, or a reminder of what He has been teaching me over the past week. Sometimes it is a conversation with someone. This week is a little different.

We had our big student gathering last night at the church – the ending of a great day of ministry which included morning church, grad parties, worshiping with the students at night, topping it off  afterwards with half price appetizers at Applebees with a huge group of teenagers. It was such a great day.

So, when we got home,  I opened my bag only to find that someone secretly slipped a package inside it. It said on the front: ”To Steve and Kate…we love you”. So, we opened it up and I am still absolutely overwhelmed, humbled and deeply encouraged by what was inside.

It was a notebook that was beautifully decorated with pictures depicting Russia, adoption and the sharing of stories. We opened the notebook and found it to be filled with letters from our high schoolers, leaders, and college students who were encouraging us in our lives and through this whole process.


This is how the notebook began…”Dear Steve and Kate, I hope this journal encourages you on your adoption journey. It’s been a little over a year since you announced to the youth group you were adopting and we are all behind this and so happy for you and excited to welcome another Garcia into our family.” And then page after page we read the most encouraging, loving, caring words, words that we will cherish in our hearts forever.

They were filled with words that spoke truth, words that encouraged, words that brought hope, words that brought laughter and words that brought tears. It was the honest cries and prayers of our students on our behalf. Talk about humbling. Teenagers often get a bad rap for things like being selfish or loud or irresponsible. But, I have to tell you, some of the most amazing, encouraging, prayer warriors I know are teenagers.

As I read their prayers and their hearts in this journal, I wept. Not out of sadness, but out of deep joy and fulfillment of how God has directed and orchestrated my life. Would I have envisioned it the way it is right now 10 years ago? No. But, has He given me more than I could have ever asked or imagined? Absolutely. Although God has not given us our own “children”, He has given us so many younger people to love. And so many younger people to show us love.

We are so blessed. So, I want to say thank you to Sara Scarcella, who is one of the most encouraging, creative and thoughtful people I know. She put this together and got everyone to write something in this journal. When we wonder if people are still remembering our journey, God answers with more than we could ask or imagine.

Thank you all for journeying with us – for walking with us when the road seems uneventful and unchanging. Thanks for encouraging us, for loving us and letting us share our lives with you. We could never do this alone!


  • we continue to pray through the silence as we keep waiting
  • continual updating of expired paperwork now that we’ve passed the 1 year mark

Prayer Requests:

  • for our agency workers on the ground in Russia, that they would labor effectively on our behalf
  • for our little one, wherever he or she may be, that they would be loved and touched

Until next Monday, love Kate & Steve

4 Responses to “The Notebook”

  1. Joni Burns said

    Kate, All I can say is WOW! You must hold such a special place in the hearts of the teens, and now was their chance to give back to you a bit of the love you have shown them. Thanks for sharing this story…it just really encouraged me today to know that sometimes when we give and it seems to go unnoticed….God notices and He blesses in ways that we would never expect!!
    Still praying for you and your husband as you wait and trust God’s timing! With Love, Joni Burns

  2. Mama Mary said

    Sending hugs.

  3. joditucker said

    Still with you in love and prayer in this adoption journey. The journal will one day be shown to little Garcia and won’t he or she know how incredibly loved he/she is!! What a legacy in the making!

  4. Kim said

    Hi Kate and Steve –

    I was given your blog address by another CWA waiting mom. 🙂 I just wanted to stop by and say hello and let you know that the waiting DOES STINK but I can tell you over and over again how perfect God’s timing has been through our previous adoptions and this current one. It is a wonderful feeling to know we serve an awesome God and he really, truly is in control of our adoption. I know you have heard this 1000 times before, but it really is true – when your little one is ready, NOTHING can keep God from uniting your family.

    Kim in TN 🙂

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