Life on the Main Screen

May 19, 2009

I’ve been thinking a lot about what it LOOKS like to wait. When I wait in line at the grocery store, I usually look at the magazines or try and talk myself OUT of the snickers bar that inevitably ends up on the conveyer belt as my “prize” for doing the grocery shopping ☺ When I wait for someone that I’m meeting at a coffee shop, I usually sit and enjoy the people watching until they get there….waiting.

The waiting for our little one has been unlike any kind of waiting I’ve ever experienced. It’s this underlying & deep anticipation that is a part of everything I do….I’m never not waiting. So, how do you go on with life, while at the same time wait? Can they happen at the same time?

Trust me, there are days when all I want to do is curl up in our little one’s crib, close the door and boycott life until we get “the call”. But, is that what abundant living really looks like? Is that what a fulfilling life looks like?

I was thinking about this verse in Acts…Jesus had just been resurrected and there was a promise that He was going to return. It says that some of His followers were just standing there, staring at the empty sky. They wanted so desperately to see Jesus that they were going to stand there staring at the empty sky until He returned. They were paralyzed in their waiting. That is how I feel sometimes.

I know that closing myself off to the world around me isn’t going to make the waiting go by any faster, but sometimes, I feel like there’s nothing else I can do. Sometimes I feel so overcome with the waiting that I can’t do anything… But, I’m again brought back to the heart of God. He knows the waiting is hard. But, He also knows that He has great things in store for us even during the waiting. He has much to teach us, much to show us, much for us to experience. And I would hate to miss out on all that He has for me because I’m “staring at an empty sky”.

So, I am learning that I can wait and live at the same time. I think of it as like a CNN news program. The ticker on the bottom is streaming “waiting, waiting, waiting, waiting….” Meanwhile, life is taking place on the main screen. God is writing our story, giving us opportunities that are sometimes related to, but oftentimes not related to our adoption. He has given us family that we love, friends that we have a blast with, ministry that is growing us and changing us and encouraging us. We have so much. He is moving and active, even as we wait. So we desire to be moving and active… even as we wait.

Thanks for waiting with us. The road has been long and there is still much ahead, but we are more convinced than ever that He is preparing the heart of our little one for us as He is preparing our heart for him/her. We so appreciate your prayers and your encouragement and your commitment to our journey.


  • no news from our agency
  • we will soon begin the process of updating our paperwork

Prayer Requests:

  • for strength as we wait
  • that our little one would be touched and loved until we meet
  • that our adoption will happen soon

Until next Monday, love Kate & Steve


5 Responses to “Life on the Main Screen”

  1. Ronnie Lowe said

    I love you!! Thanks for the reminder.

  2. Mama Mary said

    Waiting with you, Kate and Steve. Thanx for waiting with us. Loved your CNN example. Excellent analogy!

  3. Katie Phillips said

    Kate you sure know how to put life into such beautiful words! I really enjoy reading your blogs. Still praying for you and waiting with you!


    Katie Phillips

  4. Sarah said

    “The battle was intense.
    The outcome seemed uncertain.
    As long as Moses held his hands toward heaven, Joshua and the army were victorious.
    But Moses was getting tired.
    He felt the burden of his responsibility to keep his hands in the air.
    How was he going to do it?
    His arms were aching.
    He was not alone.
    Aaron and Hur came to hold his arms up.
    Together they saw the children of Israel get victory.”
    (Warrior Chicks, Holly Wagner)
    Praying for you.

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