A Call to Pray

April 21, 2009

This past Wednesday night, after I had the opportunity to share our adoption story at church, I came home and Steve read aloud an email that we received from our agency. Steve read it earlier in the afternoon, but wanted to wait until after my presentation to share it with me.  It was a pretty lengthy email from our agency explaining their findings from a recent trip to Russia.

The purpose of this trip was to see for themselves what is currently going on with international adoptions in Russia and why things have slowed down. They were able to meet with facilitators, local officials, orphanage care takers, etc. What they came away with was a lot of information that we would like to share with you.

What we have learned is that it is becoming more and more difficult for Americans to adopt from Russia. This slow down is partly because Russia is moving more towards a national foster care system for their children and also because of the recent court case that we mentioned earlier in our blog. What we know for sure right now is that our agency is reassigning certain families away from regions that have slowed to a close and into regions where more child referrals are taking place.

We also know that our agency is encouraging families to consider adjusting their desired age range from 18 months to 24 months, and that there are very few “healthy” young children available for international adoption. We were also told that the wait time for registered families is now looking more like 12 months or longer (in addition to what they’ve already waited).

Our agency is contacting each family in the Russia program to explain in more detail what this means for us specifically.  So, we should be getting a phone call sometime this week to walk us through how all of these findings will affect us personally.

After Steve finished reading the email to me, I just stood in the kitchen in silence. I wasn’t even really sure what emotions I was feeling. There is a part of me that feels so frustrated – that we’ve waited long enough, that I’m not sure if I can handle anymore ups and downs. My heart is so longing for our little one and through this news I was once again reminded of how “out of my hands” this whole journey is. Thankfully, HE holds my world in His hands.

Needless to say we are filled with lots of questions right now. There is a lot that we don’t know. We are at a place right now where we are starting to think through what it would look like to change the country we plan on adopting from. We wonder if God is wanting us to wait it out in Russia or make a change. So many questions, so many decisions.

BUT, what we do know is that this is no surprise to God. We know that He is good. We know that His heart beats for orphans. We know that He has placed international on our hearts. We know that He has provided more finances than we ever could have imagined. We know that He is with us and that He is for us. We know that His grace is sufficient for us, that He is a sustainer, peace-giver, hope-filler and we are resting in that.

But, we need your prayers desperately – for wisdom, for clarity, and for peace. We need prayers especially for the next couple of weeks as we will possibly be making some very big decisions. One of the huge ways we have felt God in this journey is through the outpouring of support and encouragement from you. So we are asking this week that you would pray specifically for us and for where we are right now in this journey. Maybe you’ll pray right now 🙂

If you desire or feel comfortable, we ask that you might even post your prayer as a comment on this blog – long or short, one word or 100 words.

The amazing thing about God is that we can’t ask too much or ask too often; He is not a God who is bothered by our prayers, and so we take full advantage of the truth that we have a God whose throne we can boldly approach with all things big and small and that He responds.

Thank you for joining with us, for supporting us through your prayers and encouragement through this journey. We could not do this without you!!

We hope to have more specific information next week of how all of these findings will affect us and as always, we will keep you posted with any decision that we make.

18 Responses to “A Call to Pray”

  1. (I said my own personal prayer to myself, but this instantly came to my mind after reading this)

    God grant me the serenity
    to accept the things I cannot change;
    courage to change the things I can;
    and wisdom to know the difference.

    Living one day at a time;
    Enjoying one moment at a time;
    Accepting hardships as the pathway to peace;
    Taking, as He did, this sinful world
    as it is, not as I would have it;
    Trusting that He will make all things right
    if I surrender to His Will;
    That I may be reasonably happy in this life
    and supremely happy with Him
    Forever in the next.

  2. Mom said

    Immediately after reading your post, this song came to mind…
    I have a maker
    He formed my heart,
    before even time began
    My life was in his hands

    He knows my name
    He knows my every thought,
    He sees each tear that falls
    and hears me when I call

    I have a father,
    he calls me his own
    He’ll never leave me,
    no matter where I go

    He knows my name
    He knows my every thought
    He sees each tear that falls
    and hears me when I call

    He knows my name
    He knows my every thought
    He sees each tear that falls
    and hears me when I call

    He knows my name
    He knows my every thought
    He sees each tear that falls
    And hears me when I call
    He hears me when I call.

    I know that is an old song, but I can still hear you singing that when you were in high school, leading worship. I pray that He will continue to reveal Himself and His will to you as you trust Him minute by minute.
    I love you and Steve so very much and look forward to seeing what God will do through this journey.

  3. joditucker said

    Dear Lord,
    Lifting up Kate and Steve to YOU right now…..for Your wisdom, your clarity and your peace to be with them in all the upcoming days of questions, answers, and decisions. You hear us when we call…..so I am calling now. God, please help them through all of this and please give them a little one to love and nurture for your glory!!

  4. courtney day said

    Lord, I pray for wisdom and strength for Steve and Kate in this unimaginably difficult time. You have promised us that those who hope in you will renew their strength, and I have seen them be so faithful, Lord. I pray that you would shower them with blessings. Give them your infinite peace that passes human understanding. Grant them the clarity to hear your voice above all else and the wisdom to continue to follow you. help them to continue to trust that not only do you see all things, but you work them all for good. You make EVERYTHING glorious. I pray that you would speak to them so clearly in these coming weeks that there is no doubt in their minds about how to proceed.

  5. The Quirks said

    Hi Kate! I’ve been reading your blog for a while now, and have loved getting to go through this journey with you and Steve. I can’t even begin to imagine the roller coaster ride y’all have been on, but it has been so encouraging to watch y’all continue to trust in God and His perfect plan for yours, and your little one’s life.

    To be honest, I don’t even know the words to pray for this sweet family. I have never walked anywhere near where they are. I have never known the ups and downs that they face daily. But as I sit here thinking on your character and your promises, I’m confident that you know, and that you go with them. I think of Psalm 139:5 “you have enclosed me behind and before, and laid your hand upon me” Oh how I pray they would know you completely surround them, and touch them with your hand. That they would know your presence, and as Kate said, nothing takes you by surprise. Father I ask that you would give them wisdom. That they would come to you with ears ready to hear and eyes ready to see what to do, and what steps to take next. That they would be confident in the decisions they have to make, and would not second guess where you’re leading them. Make your voice clear to them, Father. Father I think on the sweet child that will one day join them in their home, and the powerful testimony they will already have. What a story they’ll get to share. Father I pray that you would continue to prepare Steve and Kate for parenthood. That they would not be robbed of any joy during this process, but would continue to look forward, with expectant hope, to the arrival of the one you’ve placed in their hearts. Father I ask that you would give them patience, that you would calm their anxious hearts and they’d have peace. Father I thank you that you care so deeply and intimately about your children. Thank you that we can approach the throne of grace with confidence. Thank you for your son, Jesus, who lives to intercede for us. Thank you for your promise to never leave them or forsake them. That you are with them always. Bless them Father in more ways then they could ever ask or imagine! In Jesus name, Amen.

  6. Joni Burns said

    Kate, my heart hurts so much for you right now…
    I just wanted to sit and cry when I read this.
    I just prayed for any opposition from the enemy to be bound and defeated by the power of Christ’s name. For you to hold tightly to God’s hand as He continues to guide you both through this journey. If the final destination is to be a different place, He will show you and He will take you there. Hold on tightly even when it seems like you have been holding on forever.
    Praying in Christ’s name …..Joni

  7. Ronnie Lowe said

    Lord, please give Steve and Katie a very clear understanding of Your Will in this adoption process. As they hear more information this week, help them to process the information and that they are able to make clear and peaceful decisions. I KNOW that when my little grandchild gets into their arms we will all just be “blown away” with your awesomeness in all this! I am so thankful for your goodness. I KNOW that You are good ALL the time! I KNOW you love Steve, Katie and their little child and I KNOW that you have this whole situation under control. For that I am truly thankful.

  8. Heleln Allphin said

    Abba Father, as we call you Daddy, we know you understand the heart of a parent for a child. Lord we know you understand the love, the desire, the yearning, Steve and Kate feel for this little one. We know you love this little one too, more than they do. Lord, uphold them, strengthen them, give them peace, give them clear minds, clear answers as they wait in this waiting room to meet their new little one. We ask in the name of Christ.


  9. Mama Mary said

    Kate: I am singing a song from my heart to the heart of our great God for you and Steve – it’s one of the songs that we sang together in Italy – “You’re the center of the universe, everything was made in You, Jesus. Breath of every living thing, everyone was made for You. You hold everything together. You hold everything together. Christ be the center of our lives. Be the place we fix our eyes. Be the center of our lives. We lift our eyes to heaven. We wrap our lives around Your life. We lift our eyes to heaven, to You.”

  10. Sarah said

    Father God,
    I hold Kate and Steve up to you now and ask that you place your hand over them. Give them peace, rest and wisdom at this time. I ask that you speak clearly to them and confirm your plan for their family in their hearts.
    Thank you for all that you have done so far in their journey and thank you for everything you are doing and setting in place right now. Thank you that you have already planned a perfect family for them and that you are continuing to shape Steve and Kate into the parents you have planned them to be. Thank you for allowing us the unique experience of adoption, so close to your very own heart.
    Thank you that you are our strength.

    We had a pretty big set back on the journey to our children and in those times I really relied on the that fact our God is a good and loving God who created us, knows us and placed the desire to have a family on our hearts.
    P.S I’m not sure of the time difference between the US and NZ but it might encourage you to know that someone is praying for you even when you are asleep.

  11. Court said

    “The LORD your God is with you,
    he is mighty to save.
    He will take great delight in you,
    he will quiet you with his love,
    he will rejoice over you with singing.”

    (Zeph 3:17)

    May you allow yourself to be quieted with his love so that His voice will be clearly heard. We rejoice, along with God on His throne, over you with singing – because we trust that God is able to do all this and more. May He alone direct you.

    much love, Court

  12. Brenda said

    Jesus, please fill Kate and Steve with the KNOWING that one day they will hold their child and be grateful for every delay and every change of direction. If it were not for this challenge right now, then the path would not have been opened toward the child You have chosen to be a Garcia. I pray that you will place a particular little one in their arms that You have chosen to belong to You for eternity… someone very special that will need his or her parents to lovingly lead him/her to the knowledge of You. And I know that a thousand years are like a day to you, but it also seems to Kate that a day is so long and she has waited for so many… on behalf of my friend I simply cry out to you again to bring this little one soon. We do trust Your timing in the end, but here in the middle of it it feels like it’s taking a very long time. We know You care and hurt with them even when You feel far away.

  13. Marci said

    God, For some reason you make us wait for things. I don’t doubt that that is deliberate. Please draw Steve and Kate close as they learn more of how to wait and rest in your plan. Please slow the roller coaster ride – help it to be almost over.

    I pray for wisdom and much discernment for both Steve and Kate as they need to make some big decisions, but I also pray for trust if they feel that not much clarity is there. Thank you for never forgetting about them. Thank you for their baby and not forgetting about him or her either. You are so so good.

  14. Michal said

    Father, we know we are Your children and that You work all things out for our good, but I know it is easy to feel far from that promise emotionally in times like these. Thank you for Katie—You have given her such a unique spirit of encouragement that you have used through her to bless so many people (like her college roommate :), and I ask that you surround Katie and Steve with encouragement during this time that will help them find the comfort they need in Your love. Fill them when they are empty and give them direction and a peace as they face many difficult decisions.

    Katie, I love you.

  15. Katie Gamby said

    Oh Father,
    I come to you first, humbly, knowing that I am so small and insignificant in this vast universe but also knowing You of all people love me and chose to love my friends Kate and Steve. Thank you for how much they have poured into me in the past four years and how much of “parents” they truly have been. Father they are so precious to my heart and when I hear frustration and wrestling with feelings, I also feel with them and trek with them on this journey, but also God, I know how much faith they are still placing in you and your plan, so Father, I come boldly before your throne and ask you to bless them for their faith and commitment to follow you through all the ups and downs… I ask that you would make it clear to them what you want for their lives, I ask for peace of mind after the decisions are made and Father, finally, I ask that your will be done.

    Steve and Kate, I love you both so much. I will continue to pray. Thank you for being such Godly examples in every aspect of your life. You both are so dear to my heart.


  16. kirsten said

    oh Lord, You know. and that is the greatest comfort we have. You know steve. You know kate. You know their little one. You know where this little one is. You know when this little one will come home. please grant Your peace, wisdom, and calm to steve and kate’s minds and hearts. we praise You for being in control.

    “and the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.” phil. 4:7

    “i don’t understand Your ways, oh, but i will give You my song.” rita springer

  17. Katie Phillips said

    I have never met Kate or Steve in person, but thank you for leading me to their blog 4 months ago. Please help guide Steve and Kate in the right direction and restore their patience. Please help make the answers more clear at this moment because I too stand in their footsteps of similar confusion and heartache and I know that the sooner you provide some answers, the stronger and more optimistic we can be. Thank you for being in total control and someday you will make it perfectly clear to us why we are going through these struggles because we know and trust that you have a plan and that you only want the best for us.

    Kate and Steve-
    My heart aches for you. Matt and I did make the decision to pull out of Russia…now we are very confused and all we can do is turn to God for some kind of direction, we don’t feel like we know which way to turn, so we are just waiting, waiting and waiting for answers… Sometimes I wish we could be given a sneak preview into the future…wouldn’t that be a relief! “Trust in the Lord with all your heart” Prayin for you.

  18. Megan said

    Lord Jesus, may you grant Kate and Steve your specific wisdom for today, for each day of this journey you are leading them on. We ask that you would help them to rest in Your perfect timing for them and for their family. Give them peace, discernment, and greater trust in You as their loving and good Father. You are the God of every detail, every paper trail and every child’s heartbeat. Bring them to the child or children you have determined for them, even if it means a change in their initial plans. May they trust you to be faithful to continue this work that You have begun in them.

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