Breaking Through

March 3, 2009

Thank you so much for all of your prayers over the past week. This whole process has truly been a roller coaster ride. We are very happy and relieved to let you know of another email we received late last week from our agency.  They have received information that there has been no action taken on the bill to end american adoptions out of Russia, nor are they even considering such a moratorium at this time.

The motion that was made last week has not even come up for discussion by a parliamentary committee at this point. There has been no further action on the matter, and for now they believe this motion will not go forward legislatively. So, this was great news and we are so thankful for your prayers, support and encouragement especially over this past week.

It was definitely a reminder to us that through all of the ups and downs and twists and turns of this process, we have to keep our eyes and our hearts connected to our Constant One, our Unchanging God. He is the only one that can give us peace and hope as we continue to wait.

I’ve had this picture in my mind of this process. It’s this picture of a football player who has the ball and is breaking through the defense one player at a time. Each breakthrough is never easy, and often involves a struggle, but each breakthrough brings him closer and closer to the end zone. That is how I feel right now, that I am fighting and struggling through each obstacle that is set before us because to me, the end is so much more of a reward than just giving up over the small struggles.

We will not give up. And that is what I can’t wait to tell our little one…”We did not give up. We did not give up on you..even when the process became difficult and overwhelming, even scary. We just could not deny the love we had in our hearts for you. We wanted you…desperately.” I hope our little one will know that. I hope he/she will know it from the moment our eyes meet theirs. That beyond these eyes of love and desire our eyes of determination and perseverance….because he/she is absolutely worth it, absolutely valuable, and absolutely deserving to be someone’s child. Our child.

Thanks for journeying with us. We hope that we will continue to bring you positive news. We know there is still much waiting ahead.


  • We are still receiving financial support and we are so grateful and overwhelmed at God’s provision.
  • We are waiting…waiting…waiting….

Prayer Requests:

  • Pray for our little one – to be loved, held, nurtured, kept safe
  • Pray for us as we wait – for a heart of patience and perseverance and hope
  • Pray for the officials in Russia – for continued wisdom in their decisions concerning international adoption.

Until next Monday, love, Kate & Steve