waiting, waiting, waiting!

March 24, 2009

This past week Steve and I went on a retreat with the pastors and their wives from our church. We went to a beautiful state park and just enjoyed nature and each other.

It was really neat because the senior pastor and his wife are retiring after 25 years. They spent some time sharing about what they’ve learned over the past 25 years and what I was reminded of, especially by his wife, was the idea of finding the good in all of life – in all of the twists and turns, the ups and downs, the exciting times and the slow times.

Not just finding good in a fake way, not just the plastered smile and cliche answers when life is tough, but more of the idea of being able to grieve and be grateful at the same time. To hold pain and joy in the same heart. To realize that hurt and fear drive me to God in a way that nothing else can. There is beauty there. There is intimacy there. There is hope there. There is trust there.

So our update this week is more waiting. We haven’t heard anything from our agency which is good because it means that the process is moving. We also know that in one day everything can change and life will move from waiting to full-speed craziness in a day’s time. Then we’ll be wishing for the slow times 🙂

Thanks for waiting with us. We wish we could tell you more. But we are so grateful to know we have such a support network of people who are by our sides through this journey!


  • Waiting, waiting, waiting 🙂

Prayer Requests:

  • Pray for our little one – that he or she would be loved and touched and cuddled and sung to
  • Pray for the group who is in Russia right now from our agency making contacts and finding out information

Until next Monday, love, Steve and Kate

One Response to “waiting, waiting, waiting!”

  1. natalie kotal said

    steve & kate.

    i am probably one of the last people you would expect a commentary from. and if ive taken you off guard, i do apologize. but for as infrequently as we communicate, i am a frequenter of your blog. and i need to tell you thank you…for your patience, for your endurance, for your faith, trust, and utter dependency on our God and Savior. but mostly for the examples that you are setting for me. the examples..your examples..of faith, dependence, trust, and endurance that i read of every week have impacted, encouraged, and challenged my heart on so many levels. and i am so grateful and so thankful that in the midst of your waiting…in the midst of frustration, doubts, or discouragement…you are consistent and your example is always the same and always a testament that gives glory and honor to your (& my) God and Savior. thank you for setting an exmple for me…for the next generation of Christ followers…thank you for your honesty and hearts that show me how to trust and how to live my life with a dependency on God KNOWING and TRUSTING that HE will provide and that HE will sustain. you have no idea how thankful i am for your examples…for your lives…and for your blog…

    my thoughts and prayers are with you always.
    thank you again. until next monday…


    natalie kotal.

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