Enjoy the Flight

February 17, 2009

So, I’ve made a conscious decision not to email (aka nag ☺) our case worker at CWA unless I have a legitimate issue, concern or question. This is very difficult for me because I always love an up to the minute report on progress. Even if the progress is “none”.

If you’ve ever flown with me on a long flight, you know that periodically, I will ring the little stewardess button. She will come over and ask if there is anything I need, and I will respond with, “just wanted to make sure that everything is going ok in the cockpit.” I wish I were joking. She (or he) usually responds with a nice smile and a “yes, everything is ok and we will be sure to let everyone know if something happens. So just sit back and enjoy your flight.”

I know it is ridiculous of me to do that. But, again, it goes back to this issue I have of control. I just want to “make sure” everything is ok. When I can’t see out the front window of the airplane, I don’t know the pilot and I really don’t know how an airplane works, my fears kick in and I just want to “make sure”. I have found myself doing this with the adoption too. I just want to “make sure” everything is ok with our paperwork and that things are running smoothly. Even though I know if there was a problem, I would be contacted immediately.

When I can’t see what is happening in Russia, I don’t know the facilitators and I really don’t know the details how the paperwork process goes, my fears kick in and I just want to “make sure”. So, I have made it a personal goal and a practice in trust and self-control to no make contact…to “sit back and enjoy the flight.”

So, it was wonderful last week to hear from our case worker. She emailed us to just say she was checking in and to let us know that our paper work is great and is “officially registered” and there are no changes or issues. She also told us that our region (St. Petersburg) is experiencing no problems and running smoothly. So, what an encouragement and we are grateful.

I’m so glad to know that I received that information with no prompting from me. God really does know me and knows how much I can handle. But, I have to give Him the opportunity to show me that instead of taking things into my own hands. That is what He has been teaching me this week.

On a different note, can I just tell you how amazing it has been to receive emails from people I have never met from all over North America? People who have “stumbled upon our blog” and just wanted to share a little bit of their story with me. It is so encouraging and exciting! One email began with…”God led me to your story because it is so similar to mine…” another email said…”we are beginning the process of an adoption from Russia and have been so encouraged by reading your blog and hearing your story…” I just think it is amazing how the story God is writing in our lives connect us to others – others that we may never meet.

We have been so encouraged by the stories of those who have gone before us in their journey of adoption. Now we are in the middle…Stories pouring into us to encourage us, as we pour our story out to encourage others. It is a beautiful picture. Thanks again for journeying with us. We are learning that even though the wait feels inactive, God is moving in our hearts with much action as He teaches us about patience, waiting and His loving and comforting care for our lives.


  • We are officially registered in St. Petersburg
  • We are continuing to receive financially gifts and we are so blessed and grateful
  • We are encouraged by the reports of how things are moving in Russia

Prayer Requests:

  • Pray for wisdom for the facilitators in Russia – to lead them to just the perfect child for us
  • Pray for wisdom and guidance for us as we continue to make summer plans with this student ministry at our church
  • Pray for our little one – that he/she would be cared for, sung to, cuddled, well-fed

We’ll update again next Monday. Until then, love, Kate & Steve.


2 Responses to “Enjoy the Flight”

  1. Mama Mary said

    Katie Michele:
    Whenever you look at that little silver heart, know I am praying.

  2. Helen said


    When I saw the title — I just smiled and remembered. You are in my prayers and my heart.

    I love you.


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