How is it going?

February 3, 2009

“So, how is the adoption going?” Steve and I were talking today about how many times we have been asked that question this past week. We are so unbelievably grateful for the prayers and interest and questions that we have been blessed with by so many people. In fact, just this past week, I have received 3 emails from different people that I have never met that somehow found our blog, started reading it, and joined in the adventure with us. Wow.

We have family from back home who are asking us on a regular basis how things are progressing. We have friends that we see daily who are asking and praying. Friends from all over and from all different times in our lives. It has been  pretty amazing. It is humbling and its a great blessing. These are things we never anticipated at the start of this process.

We are definitely in a different phase of this adoption. We officially began this process last May and when people asked the question, “so, how is the adoption going?”, we always had a tangible, concrete answer. Answers like “we’re getting ready for our homestudy”, “we are doing our training”, “we are writing our fire escape plan ☺”, “we’re getting paperwork together”, “we’re waiting on documents”, you get the point.

There was always something going on. Something we could put our finger on. We always had a solid answer to give people and it made us feel like the process was moving. But, now, here we sit, writing the blog like we do every Monday, sitting on the same couch, in the same room as we have every week for the past 8 months. But, this time is different. This time, the busy-ness and the preparation have been completed and we wait. We wait and we trust.

We trust in what we can’t see and have absolutely no control over. Sometimes it is easier when there is a lot going on with the craziness of getting papers together and sent out because you feel like you are “doing something” and contributing to process. Honestly, when I really stop and think about it, it’s easier because I feel like in some way, I’m in “control.”

But when the “busy-ness” ends and there is absolutely nothing else we can do, we are stripped to the point of trusting that God is moving even when we are not. And that is a scary place to be sometimes. I think through all the things I could do.

Maybe I could email the Russian government and tell them how badly I want a child. Maybe I could find someone on the “inside” and ask them to move the paperwork to the top of the stack. Maybe I could…. Maybe I could just trust that God is bigger. Maybe I could just trust that He has a grand plan for our lives, for our baby’s life and He is going to intersect our lives at just the perfect time. Maybe I could slow down, enjoy the calm and trust Him. Maybe I could.

It’s tough. It goes against my nature of wanting to “fix things” and make them better. But, there is beauty and intimacy gained in trusting God, resting in His timing and His plan. That is really what I desire above all. Thanks for resting and waiting with us. Thanks for encouraging us with words and emails and notes. Thanks for being a part of a blessing that we never could have possibly dreamed of when we began this journey.

We are so tremendously blessed and grateful for this path that God is leading on. We have been given so much.


  • The waiting continues ☺

Prayer Requests:

  • Pray for our little one – that they would be loved and held
  • Pray for those that are taking care of our baby – that they would be encouraged and know how grateful we are for them
  • Pray for wisdom for all of those involved in bringing us to our little one

We’ll update again next week, even if there is no “news” to report. Until then, love Kate & Steve.

3 Responses to “How is it going?”

  1. Ronnie Lowe said

    WOW! Katie, once again, you guys have been such an encouragement to me. I KNOW my little grandchild is over there and is also patiently waiting. I KNOW that God’s plan and His timing is perfect in all this. And I KNOW that you guys are going to be blessed more than you can ever have imagined possible. You got my gene in wanting to “fix it” and there are days I want to just call somebody and say, “don’t you understand how badly my daughter and son-in law want this child?” But then each time I have this kind of thought I am gently reminded that God knows exactly what’s going on and He doesn’t need me to “fix it” this time. So, thanks for sharing your heart and for once again gently reminding me that God is Good All the Time!

  2. joditucker said

    When Baby Garcia arrives in God’s time, let me just say that there is a really good nursery staff for the services at church. I know most of them! We will all be soooooo excited to love Baby G…..(no relation to Kenny G, the saxophone player)

  3. Dear Steve & Kate,
    Here I am sitting on my couch tonight trying to pass time while we wait for our Russian referral and I came acoss your video. Unreal, we are at the same timeframe as far as adopting from Russian as you and Steve. We know TOTALLY how you feel as far as thinking we could have our own babies but God had a better plan for us…we started our adoption process many months back and its beginning to feel like years. My sisters don’t know how we deal with the wait. I just tell them it’s all in God’s hands and when we get our referral for Emma….that will be our time. He is teaching us patience!!! I come from a family of 9 sibilings and I’m 34 and all I want is to be a mom. i have 16 nieces & nephews. GREAT aunt 7 going to be 9 times this Aug. So…I keep thinking when is it my turn.Anyhow, I’m going to continue to follow your blog seeing we are on the same timeframe here. Best of Luck to you and Steve. Maybe we will be traveling to bring our childern home at the same time. God only knows!! Best Wishes…

    Brad & Karen
    Hilbert, Wisconsin

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