Balancing Act

January 27, 2009

So, where are we in the process? We’ve been getting that question a lot lately. It’s funny because one of our high school girls was telling me last night how much she loves Mondays because she gets to read our blog and the unfolding of our adoption story. She said it’s like waiting for her favorite show to come on. I thought that was so cute. But, I told her get ready for an uneventful “season” 🙂

I love our agency so much. I emailed our case worker last week to see if she could be specific about where we are in the process. The basic answer she gave is that our paperwork is in Russia. It has been translated and sent to the ministry of education – which is the branch of the Russian government that is over international adoption. We are now put in a “databank” of waiting parents and our facilitator who is in Russia will continue to be an advocate for our “case”.

So, her last words in the email were that we could tell our family and friends that we are “waiting” and that we will be probably for a while. I’m grateful that our agency is quick to answer questions, they are honest with where we are in the process and they are also very encouraging.

One of the realities of waiting is the longer the process takes, the likelihood of our paperwork expiring increases. When our paperwork expires, we will have to redo the paperwork, re-authenticate it all and send it again to Russia. Our first batch of paperwork begins to expire in May. When I mentioned this to our case worker she said that she hoped we wouldn’t have to worry about that and that hopefully something would happen before then.

So, here we sit in the balance of excitement, anticipation, patience & endurance. It is such an unusual spot to be in It’s possible our agency could call with good news next week, but it could also be next year. We just have to be ready for both options. It is a tough balance of guarding my heart and allowing my heart to explode with joy and anticipation at the thought of meeting our little one. It is also a tough balance of just trusting God’s timing and trying to plan our immediate future with things like high school mission trips this summer.

At times I feel like my heart is doing literal turns in my chest. I have been having dreams of what it is going to be like to get the call from our agency. I dream about meeting our little one for the first time. I wake up from these dreams with such hugely differing emotions. I am filled with excitement over this path that God has led us down. But I am also filled with deep sadness, almost like the feeling after a “break-up” with a boyfriend or girlfriend – only way more intense. It feels like a loss in the pit of my stomach when I realize that it was just a dream. But, I also wake up with sheer joy and deep love for this little one. I wish I could just bottle it all up and send it to Russia so our little one will know what is waiting for them.

Thank you so much for journeying with us. Each week we find out about more people who are following our blog and walking with us, waiting with us and anticipating with us. We don’t know what we would do without your constant encouragement. God has truly blessed us deeply with family and friends and we are beyond words with gratitude.


  • Our paperwork is currently in Russia
  • People are continuing to give financially and we are so grateful and amazed

Prayer Requests:

  • Pray for patience and joy in the waiting
  • Pray for wisdom as we make plans for our summer
  • Pray for the ministry of education in Russia and our adoption “advocate” – for wisdom and speed
  • Pray for our little one – that he/she would be loved and touched and snuggled

We’ll update again next Monday. Until then, love Kate & Steve

3 Responses to “Balancing Act”

  1. Courtney said

    We’re praying as we wait with you!
    Much love, Court

  2. Sarah said

    I’m praying that God will help you with the waiting but also that the waiting will end soon. My advise to help with the waiting would be to not put your life on hold while you wait. Plan to go on holidays or have weekends away, if you have to cancel because you get ‘the call’ you really won’t mind.
    Before we went to Russia I remember a friend from my church telling me that everytime my husband and I had prayed to have children that God heard and directed those prayers towards our future children in Russia. This really comforted me as I realised that God had always had his hand on my children and although I was not able to be there He had always had them in the palm of His hand. I really believe this for your future child, I believe that God will put loving caregivers in his/her life to give cuddles and love. When we were at the orphanage every adult who walked past our children stopped to touch or talk to them, as a result our kids have been affectionate and loving from the very beginning.
    Anyway I hope you don’t mind ramblings from a stranger on the other side of the world!
    God Bless

  3. Ann Lightbody said

    I can totally relate to your student about loving Mondays. I can’t wait to read how God is working in your lives as well as those around you throughout your blog. The boys and I are praying for your little one and can’t WAIT to see pictures once he/she arrives home!

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