Trusting God

January 13, 2009

We want to first say thank you to all of the prayers and encouragement we have received over the past couple weeks with the uncertainty of things going on with our adoption. I’m excited to say that we continue to hear nothing but positive things about Russian adoptions – that they are continuing and moving forward and we have no reason at this point to think any differently.

It was a very good reminder for us to remember that admist the changing circumstances and crazy up and down emotions, we need to keep our eyes focused on God – the only unchanging part of our story. So, thanks for continuing to pray for us and with us and encouraging us as we follow Him.

I also want to share a deeply encouraging letter I received last night from one of our high school students. She said in her letter that she had been thinking about Steve and me and our future child. She shared about the frustrations she was feeling with how we were having to work so hard and pay so much to get Baby Garcia and yet “irresponsible teenagers can pop babies out and not even care about them.”

As she continued to struggle through the emotions and feelings of “unfairness”, it led her to God’s heart and to trust in His sovereingty in each of our lives. Wow. I’m not sure I could have asked for a more encouraging letter on so many levels.

So many times as “youth leaders”, Steve and I wonder if what we say/do has any impact on our students. We always try be honest about our relationship with God. We never want people to assume that we have a perfect journey with God. Instead, we are two broken people who have been rescued by a merciful, loving God. At times I am afraid to share my struggles. What if they think I’m not a “good Christian?”

This card we received was one of many confirmations of the importance of living an honest life. And that it is okay to struggle with trying to understand God. This struggle leads us to knowing Him better. We shouldn’t be afraid when we have doubts and frustrations.I am so completely blessed to know that there are high school students who are learning to live an authentic, broken, freedom-filled lives.

Thanks for journeying with us. We have a feeling there will be much waiting ahead for us. But, our prayer continues to be that we know God can bring us a referral tomorrow and we ask for that. But, we also ask for patience and grace as we wait on His timing.


  • Our paperwork is in Russia. The next step is waiting for a referral. The time frame we were given is now to 6-9 months from now.
  • Our agency assures us that despite what’s being said in the media, adoptions are continuing to move forward
  • We are slowly getting closer to our financial goal We are still blown away by how God is using people. Thank you!

Prayer Requests:

  • Pray for our paperwork to supernaturally be sped up
  • Pray for our hearts as we wait and struggle with God
  • Pray for high school students and people in our lives that hear our story – that they would be drawn to the heart of God
  • Pray for our little one – that he/she would be cuddled and loved and my new prayer request is that he/she would be sung to

Until next Monday, love, Kate & Steve.

2 Responses to “Trusting God”

  1. Mom said

    I love your new prayer request- that the baby will be sung to. I want to add that to my request as well! I know one thing though- if that baby is not being sung to right now, it will be sung to once “we” get him/her!!!! We are gonna take care of that issue for sure. Daddy and I will certainly do our part…I am thinking about all the “skying” songs I want to sing and all the “videos” we want to send to our little precious one with silly songs, finger plays, church songs, campfire songs, pop songs, etc. What a celebration it is gonna be!!!

  2. joditucker said

    What a prayer request from the heart of a mother to be!! I will pray for this because I know of the positive impact of singing on so many levels.
    Also, I’ll continue to pray for your other requests. You are a dear and special couple who walk the talk of a life lived for desiring God amidst life circumstances. Can’t wait for baby Garcia to be in the nursery at church!!

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