A Yo-Yo Week

January 6, 2009

We had such a wonderful time in North Carolina for the holidays. It was so great to be with both sides of our family and to catch up with friends. We were so encouraged by their interest and love for us and our little one. It was fun to sit face to face with people who have stayed updated through our blog and get to just “talk” about the adoption.

My parents gave me the baby blankets that I used when I was a baby. One was made by my aunt and one was made by my grandma. That was so special to have and they are already in the crib waiting along with the alligator I bought at IKEA. He sits in there until our baby comes. I just couldn’t bear the thought of an empty crib. Sue (Steve’s sister) gave us 3 children’s books about Russian or Eastern European adoptions. My eyes just filled up with tears when she gave them to me and as I read through them. They are beautifully written and illustrated books.

On New Years Eve, we got together with some friends and they gave me a little mobile that had gift cards attached to them from Target and to Babys ‘R Us. Wow. I continued to be humbled and amazed at the ways God is encouraging us through this process. Even though at times it still feels so far away from reality, He sends us little reminders that we are moving forward and this is actually happening. We are so grateful for all of our family in friends, in Ohio and North Carolina and all over the world!


A few posts ago, I mentioned that there were serious issues developing in Russia that may lead to some delays. Well, yesterday at church, a dear friend came to me and said that she was praying for us because she had read some discouraging news in our local newspaper about Russian adoptions. Of course, right after church I got a newspaper. One of the quotes that stood out to me was “ Russian federal prosecutors opened an investigation…and authorities have called to restrict or end the adoption of Russian children by Americans.” (For a full reading of the article and the details of the story, you can click HERE)

This is a tragic story on so many levels, but for us personally, it was very difficult to think about. My mind was bombarded with so many thoughts. The overwhelming emotion was frustration. Why would God bring us this far only to close the door? Why would He provide and make His path seem so clear only to allow it to become fuzzy again? So I had to come again, like I do so many times, into His arms to find rest. I have to find that my joy and satisfaction can only come from Him alone, not a child. I want to be able to say no matter what happens, God is still God.

Here’s where the yo-yo comes in. I called our agency case manager this morning to ask her about the situation and if she’s heard anything new. She actually seemed very encouraged and positive about what is going on. She said that although there are news stories out there, what is actually happening with adoptions is “business as usual”. There will be some more added requirements to the paperwork and maybe some more time spent in Russia, (which would affect us financially) but she seemed very positive that adoptions were still taking place. So, I was so excited to hear that.

Obviously, we never know what could happen anywhere in the world, but we are continuing to feel more and more encouraged that we will one day, get to hold our little one in our arms. Oh, how I long for the day.


  • No new updates on paperwork
  • We are continuing to receive financial gifts and we continue to be overwhelmed and humbled at who God is using
  • Waiting is going to be the word of the year

Prayer Requests:

  • Pray for continued wisdom for the Russian officials and the US facilitators as they make decisions about the future of adoption
  • Pray for our hearts as we wait and long for our little one
  • Pray that God will somehow speed up our paperwork and our waiting time

We are so grateful for you and were reminded this past week how important it is to have a loving, encouraging support system in life. Thanks for being that to us! We’ll update again next Monday. Love, Kate & Steve

6 Responses to “A Yo-Yo Week”

  1. Mom said

    We absolutely LOVED having you and Steve with us for the past 2 weeks. It is lonely around here without you but we are so thankful that you are with people that you love and that love you at The Chapel. We will continue to trust that God is in charge and is not unaware of your desires and needs.

  2. Hi Kate! I am glad to hear that you called the agency! I read the same news paper article yesterday but hadn’t had the heart to call and ask about it. Hopefully it really is business as usual! keep the faith! God is in control!

  3. Sarah said

    We went through some stopping and starting with our kids Russian adoption and at times I really had to hold onto the fact that God is good and has a plan for our lives. Our adoption was a practical lesson in faith for me. There have been so many positive things that have come from us adopting (aside from our two fantastic kids) I have so much more compassion for people are going through difficult times, I have had to put my faith into action in a very public setting (We come from a very small town and everyone knew each time there was another hurdle, but also saw when we arrived home with two amazing kids). I’ve had to rely on God’s strength when I have had nothing left of my on and I have seen how perfect God’s plan is in how He brought my family together.
    I could totally relate to you trying to get some control by reading adoption blogs (might be from an earlier blog) I did exactly the same thing. When we were adopting last year the media reports concerning adoption were worrying but I remember when we finally asked the agency if adopions were stopping they said, you guys will most likely be going within the next six weeks! So don’t get too freaked out by media reports just hold fast to the fact that God has an awesome plan for your lives.

  4. Mama Mary said

    So thankful you received encouragement from the case manager. Resting with you in our great God.

  5. Sue Lindsey said

    Dear Kate,
    Welcome home. I am so glad you had a wonderful Christmas and it sounds like you were so blessed with your special baby blanket, Russian books and the encouragement. God is so good and I love to see how he is blessing you right now in the midst of waiting. I have been praying for your little and for his perfect orchestration in all the details. Maybe sometime we can do coffee. Thinking of you today and sending my love and prayers.

  6. Susy Crenshaw Estes said

    You are so inspiring! I love how you put specific things to pray for!! In my personal prayers, family prayers, and in Lily’s night time prayers we always pray for you now:) I am so excited to have reconnected so I can follow all the developments! The Lord works in mysterious ways but I know in the end you will be blessed so abundantly that you can’t even imagine it!
    All our love and support,
    Susy, Todd, & Lily

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