Short and Sweet

November 3, 2008

Normally Kate is the one who updates the blog. She is a way better writer than me. But she is in Italy today and will not be back in Ohio until Thursday night. She has been with a group of 3 ladies from our church leading a women’s conference. I just spoke to her on the phone and so far things are going unbelievably well. She is scheduled to speak to a group of teenagers Tuesday night about sexual purity. She is very nervous about this, especially considering she just found out that her audience is completely non-Christian. This is the reality of any overseas ministry trip, things change on the fly. Please keep Kate in your prayers as she now has to approach her talk completely differently.

Not much news to update. So far we still have not heard back from any of the grant organizations we applied with. We are anxiously waiting to hear if we will receive any financial help from them. I also received 2 emails this week from our contact at CWA. The first one was letting us know that our dossier was finally shipped off to Russia which is a praise. But then today I just got another message informing us of yet ANOTHER change in what is required of us. It is pretty annoying because one small change holds up about 200 pages of paperwork, not to mention it pushes our process back by weeks, and costs us additional money.

I didn’t have the heart to tell Kate on the phone because I didn’t want her to have to think about something else while she was having to rewrite her lesson for Tuesday night. Please pray about this situation as well.

Thanks for keeping up with our blog. It really does mean a lot to Kate and I that people care about this journey we are on. It encourages us deeply!

Until next Monday, Steve & Kate


One Response to “Short and Sweet”

  1. Angela said

    I am praying for ya’ll.

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