Celebrating Russia

October 12, 2008

First of all, I’d like to say thank you for your outpouring of love and support over my last blog update. The emails, phone calls, Bible verses and hugs were just what I needed. Thanks for letting me be authentic on this blog. It’s much easier to just pretend that everything is just great all of the time – but, there is much freedom in honesty!

Last week we received a newspaper clipping in the mail from a wonderful friend, Mary. It was an advertisment for a “Russian Festival” at a nearby church. So, on Wednesday afternoon, Steve and I had a Russian-style date. ☺ What a fun experience! We walked into a big fellowship hall-type room that had booths set up all around the edges. They were selling authentic Russian crafts, toys, books and music. My favorites were the “nesting dolls” – which Russia is famous for. It was so neat to look at how intricately made they were. Many of them are used to tell Russian fairytales, which are also a very important part of the culture.

I think our favorite part of the festival, was it’s music. There was a live, authentic band playing the whole time. I love how music is such a reflection of a culture. The Russian music was beautifully played, but very complex with each instrument playing very different melodies, but still coming together to make a beautiful song. It was great

a few snapshots from the Russian Festival

For lunch we had Chicken Kiev (yummy), and a dish called Halushki, which is dumplings and cabbage (I liked it, Steve not so much). Steve had a Russian-style sausage called kilbasi (which he liked, me not so much). Then we split a poonchki for desert which is like a fried sweet dinner roll with powdered sugar on top. That was a winner for both of us! We will probably not be losing any weight when we eventually go to Russia ☺ The whole experience was a good reminder that the Russian culture is very different than what we live in everyday. We know when the time comes for us to go there, it is going to be difficult, but at the same time we truly want to embrace and experience Russia – it’s beauty, it’s uniqueness, as well as it’s challenges.

We are also excited because we have a date scheduled to have a fundraiser dessert in the area. This is the fundraiser that our dear friend, Sue is heading up. It is going to be at a park on Friday evening, November 21st. It will be a “Russian party” because it’s an outdoor shelter at the end of November in Ohio. So, make sure you dress in your finest Russian fur jackets and boots ☺ There will be a time of worship and then Steve and I will have our chance to publicly share our story with friends, acquaintances and maybe even people we don’t know who we are but want to support a good cause. Be looking for more details to come, especially if you are in the area. Our main hope is just to be able to share our story and God’s heart for adoption. We are hoping it will be an encouraging and inspiring time for all!

At times it feels like the adoption process will never end, but the reality is things are moving and we are getting closer and closer each day to holding little St. Pete in our arms! We really can’t wait to meet him/her and for the little one to see how many people have been eagerly anticipating their arrival into our lives! Thanks for taking this journey with us!


  • Most of our paperwork is complete. We were told that it will take about 2 weeks for all the documents to be mailed, translated and then registered in Russia. From there, the real “waiting” begins ☺
  • We are in the middle of taking a 10 hour online class about international adoption which is required by the US. It’s pretty interesting and we’re learning a lot.
  • Mark your calendar for Friday, November 21st and tell all of your friends. We’ll give you more details as they come!

Prayer Requests:

  • Continued patience as we wait
  • Pray for our little one as the cold weather comes – that they will be warm and free from illness
  • Pray that God would continue to stir in the hearts of people to give – more than we could ask or imagine!

Until next Monday, love, Kate & Steve

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