Progress Report

September 15, 2008

Well, the past 7 days have been another waiting-type week. We received word from one of our grant organizations that our application has been received and in the process of review. We trust that the other 2 are also being reviewed. Please continue to pray for wisdom and compassion for the people that read our applications! Our agency is also in the process of finalizing our registration packet that will be sent to Russia. We are hoping it will be ready to send out to Russia by the end of the week. So, things are definitely moving, but we are waiting and praying as they move.

We thought it would be fun this week, to give you a little “progress report.” It’s so amazing to think it has only been 4 months since we officially decided to begin our adoption from Russia. God has done so much so far and we are continuing to trust Him to finish what He has started!! Steve put together this little image to show how far we have come and how far we have to go. We also put together a list of who God is using to make this happen. If you are like us, you will be blown away by the people helping bring little St. Pete into our arms.

Step #1: Initial Agency Costs • $6,550 – COMPLETED!

This includes our overall cost of going with Christian World Adoption, application fees, online training resources and even post-adoption fees.

Step #2: Department of Immigration • $830 – COMPLETED!

We had to get fingerprinted at the state department and also paid some hefty application fees.

Step #3: Completion of Homestudy • $1,500 – COMPLETED!

This was a rather lengthy process of having our home inspected by a fireman, a social worker, the clearance of background checks and medical exams.

Step #4: Completion of Dossier$7,200 COMPLETED!

A Dossier includes a pile of documents like financial statements, tax records, marriage certificates, proof of home ownership, completion of homestudy, etc. The big chunk of money that goes with the Dossier is the 1st half of Russia’s international fee.

Step #5: Child Referral • $7,000 – INCOMPLETE

We can’t wait for this day – when our agency sends us the picture of the child selected for us. At this step we’ll need to pay the 2nd half of Russia’s international fee.

Step #6: 1st Trip to Russia • $4,000 – INCOMPLETE

When we finally get to head over there we’ll meet the child selected for us. Assuming all goes well, we’ll come home, finalize a few things, then return to Russia! The expenses at this stage of the race are airfare, food & lodging.

Step #6: 2nd Trip to Russia $9,000 – INCOMPLETE

This is where we go to pick up little St. Pete!!! This stay will cost us more because we will be required to stay in the country longer.

Fun Facts: Where the money has come from (so far):

  • Ohio
  • North Carolina
  • New Jersey
  • Pennsylvania
  • Virginia
  • Georgia
  • Ireland
  • get this…not 1 but 2 from the Middle East!

Fun Facts: Who the money has come from:

  • Our parents
  • Grandparents
  • Aunts & Uncles
  • Cousins
  • Steve’s friends from college
  • Kate’s friends from high school
  • The friends of our parents
  • The parents of our friends
  • High school students at the Chapel
  • College students
  • former students from our church in North Carolina
  • Parents of young children
  • Parents of teenagers
  • Parents of grown children
  • And of course, our closest friends

Until next Monday, Steve & Kate.


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