The Right Thing

September 8, 2008

On Thursday, I went to my mailbox only to find a very large packet of documents, sent from the state of Ohio. There were 23 documents to be exact, all “officially authenticated.” So, I decided to take a picture of them 🙂

I’ve never seen so many official documents at one time! It was such a fun moment to see all of the work over the past few months: of home studies, fire inspections, doctors visits, financial statements, and lots of signatures. It all finally came together for one purpose. All of these documents were sent to CWA this past Friday to be reviewed and translated before being sent to Russia.

I wanted to take just a small moment to tell you how incredibly amazing our agency has been so far. I am a member of a few of the yahoo groups of people who are adopting from Russia. It seems like so often people are writing on the message boards about problems they are having with paperwork issues or authenticating problems. And although the past few months of paperwork have been busy, I have never once wondered what I’m supposed to be doing.

Our agency so clearly lays out exactly what to do, from start to finish. We are so thankful for them. While we know there will be bumps in the road ahead because that is just the nature of international adoption and working with another country, we are just so grateful that the bumps haven’t begun early!

We also sent out 3 grant applications on Friday and we are praying that as the organizations receive them, they would be filled with compassion and generosity and a desire to give big.

This past week we heard a great story about a guy who graduated from our students ministries a couple of years ago. Laurelyn, our friend and contact for our personal fee donations, got an email from him that said “I just watched Steve and Kate’s story on YouTube…how do I give?” I love that so much. God continues to amaze me with who He is choosing to use. It reminded us to pray for people who may haven’t yet seen our video or read our blog, that He would lead them to our story and stir in them a desire to give…and that they would respond.

Sometimes I wonder why God has put this burden on our hearts. Recently I asked God, “Are we making the right decision? Why not something cheaper? Why not something easier or with less paper work?” His response came to me through a radio broadcast from Steven Curtis Chapman who has adopted 3 children from China. Steven Curtis Chapman said this, “the right thing is often not the easiest thing, or the cheapest thing, or the most understandable. It is right because it is what God has called you to do. Because He has called you to do it, He will guide you and make it happen. So when it is all over, you can look back and say, the only way this could have happened is by God.”

God has put us in a place where we know that the only way this adoption is going to happen is through Him – from the finances to the details to the wisdom to the providing of just the right baby for us. We give Him the glory. Thanks for journeying with us. We are so grateful for each of you who read this blog, who share in this beautiful path of adoption with us.


  • CWA has received our documents and are in the process of reviewing them
  • Our grant applications have been sent out and should be reviewed over the next month

Prayer Requests:

  • Pray for wisdom for CWA as they review our paperwork – that they would be thorough and that we could quickly send out the paperwork to Russia
  • Pray for those who review our grant applications
  • Pray for those who are finding our blog and our story for the first time, that they would be stirred with a desire to give
  • Pray for our baby who may be in an orphanage even today. I’m praying right now (10:20pm) that he/she would be sleeping peacefully and that God would already be putting a desire in their little heart for us

Until next Monday, Kate & Steve


One Response to “The Right Thing”

  1. msflowe said

    Oh my Katie- what a wonderfully touching update. Our little St. Pete is gonna be a most blessed child upon receiving you and Steve as parents. I love you. Mom

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