Moving Forward

September 1, 2008

There is so much to write about this week! We were told by our friends the Seagers, who have adopted 2 children from Russia, that international adoption is a “hurry up and wait” kind of process. Boy, is that true. For several weeks we have been in a holding pattern. But lately things have picked up.

There are 2 key words in dealing with international adoption: registration and referral. Registration simply means that all of the necessary paperwork we’ve sent in has been received and approved by Russian officals. Our case worker wrote me an email that basically says if everything continues to go like it’s been going, we will be officially “registered” in Russia by the end of September. From there, it is about a 4 week to 4 month wait before we’ll start receiving referrals. Referrals are pictures and names of children we can potentially adopt from the orphanages of St. Petersburg.

We are so excited! It definitely took us by surprise (good surprise) to think that we are already this far along in the process. 4 weeks from the end of September…that is: OCTOBER!! Now, obviously that is the low end of the wait, but we are still excited about the possibilities.

We also learned this week that my grandma really wanted to give financially towards our adoption. She decided to search through her home and find items to sell on craigslist. I just thought that was so precious and kind of her. Again, we are so blown away by the creativity that God is giving people to help us. Her idea actually inspired us to do the same. We have begun to go through our house  and start selling things on craigslist. We have already sold an old laptop, 2 cell phones we no longer use, and we are currently selling a TV, our old desktop computer, a desk and Steve’s guitar. It has definitely been an cool, surprising way to earn some extra money to go towards our adoption.

We are still in the middle of applying for special adoption grants that could help us financially. All of the grant applications ask for our “adoption story”. It was such a neat experience for Steve and I to be able to sit down together and really think about how this adventure began. Many of you have seen our video that we have up on the website, which is a small picture into our story of adoption. But, as we talked and wrote out our story, we have seen that God’s hand has been directing us towards international adoption for many years now. Here is an excerpt from our story.

“Our adoption story begins with a stirring. It’s that feeling you get deep in the pit of your heart that doesn’t go away no matter how hard you try to dismiss it. This stirring led us to sponsor a child whose family could never afford to send him to school. This stirring led us to the country of India to add value to a forgotten people. This stirring is now leading us to the orphanages of Russia. We’ve already experienced the deep satisfaction and joy that comes from responding to this stirring. We desire to respond again…”

To view our entire adoption story, you can just click on the link at the top of our blog that reads “How It Began.” I can tell you that by writing it out, I have been completely re-energized and encouraged. The paperwork, the money and the waiting truly pales in comparison to the excitement that we have in walking this beautiful road of adoption. Thanks for walking this journey with us! Your anticipation and excitement encourage us deeply.

Here are some updates:

  • All of our documents are being authenticated and will be sent out to CWA to be translated and sent to Russia sometime this week
  • All of our adoption grant application packages will go out tomorrow (Tuesday) – we should find out by the end of September if we’ve been approved for any financial assistance.
  • We continue to receive donations and creative money raising ideas from all sorts of people. We are so grateful!!!

Prayer Requests:

  • Pray that the documents are all completed correctly so they can be quickly translated and sent to Russia
  • Pray for our baby – for good health, for someone to love him/her
  • Pray for the birthmother – that she would know that her baby is going to be loved and cared for
  • Pray for the grant organizations who make decisions: that they would see our heart and desire for loving a child and being a parent, that they would have the funds to give
  • Pray for us as we continue to wait and hope and dream – that God would fill us with His peace

We’ll update again next Monday. Thanks for reading our blog! Love, Steve & Kate.


4 Responses to “Moving Forward”

  1. Laura Maloney said

    Oh Kate and Steve!!!

    Congrats first of all on your success of reaching the next step! Secondly, all the Maloneys are praying for you guys and the child(ren?) God has set for you two.

    God bless!


  2. msflowe said

    I played with Emma Duncan (5 months) and Eliza Rudolph (10 months)this week- both were great fun. I was imagining that our little St. Pete is probably near one of their ages- how I long to get my hands on that little precious rascal!!! There will be some belly blowing going on.

  3. Jennifer Reilly Eaby said

    We love the Garcias! We’re praying for you and St. Pete. I love to read how God is working on your behalf (and your child’s). 🙂

  4. Lisa said

    Our prayers are with you as you travel on this amazing journey. My husband and I are in the “holding” pattern right now and we’re just waiting to return to Russia and bring our daughter home. There are many bumps in the road and God will certainly test you. When you finally meet your child, it will melt your heart.

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