Fingerprints & Politics

August 25, 2008

As part of our application to adopt a child from another country, we have to be fingerprinted from an official department of U.S. Immigration office. Thankfully, there happens to be one in downtown Cleveland. We applied and were given our instructions of when our appointment would be. There is no phone number or email address to contact if you can’t make it, you just go πŸ™‚ Our appointment was this past Thursday at 11am. Thankfully we both have jobs that allow us the flexibility to adjust our schedules.

So, we went up to Cleveland to the 12th floor of the AJC Federal Building. It was such an interesting experience because there were all kinds of people there from all over the world, taking this step to become an american citizen. There were also several people like us who are in the adoption process. We were so excited that we wanted to take a picture of us getting fingerprinted. So we asked the immigration officer but he said no. Apparently there is a strict policy against taking pictures. The guy there told us that the Cleveland Cavaliers center, Zydrunas Ilgauskas, or “big Z” as they call him :), was adopting a child from Lithuania. He wanted to get a picture taken of the fingerprinting but they told him no too. “Z” is over 7 feet tall, so if they said no to him, we weren’t going to argue πŸ™‚ But, it was a very exciting day because that is the last step to being officially US approved to adopt our little St. Pete!!

fingerprinting successful!

fingerprinting successful!

This past week, I have definitely felt a very wide range of emotions. Obviously, many of you have heard about the conflict going on between Russia and Georgia. Every morning I would wake up and check yahoo news to read the latest. Each day my thoughts would go from “Yay, Russia is pulling out of Georgia” to “Ahh – they’re still there!” Once I learned that America was getting involved I grew concerned that this could affect our adoption. I finally called our social worker at CWA to just get a feel of their thoughts on the situation. They obviously can not tell us what to do, but they gave some great insight. They told us that despite the conflict, everything is “business as usual.” After talking with them I now feel very confident that our adoption will move forward uninterrupted.

Another great thing that they told us was that they will have a lot of grace in this situation and if something does happen and Russia does close it’s doors to our adoption, we have the option of receving all of our money back, which we would then just put into another one of the other countries CWA works with. So, that gave me tremendous comfort.

I’ve also been going through all of these insecurities of wondering the Russian officials who approve us as adoptive parents will like us. Obviously, it is up to the judge in Russia whether they see us fit to be parents of one of their children. My mind keeps battling thoughts of “what if we’re not rich enough?” or “what if we look too young?” or “what if..?” The enemy surely has a way of bringing up every insecurity and bringing it to the forefront of our minds, doesn’t he? And of course, as we continue to get closer and closer to actually bringing our baby home, I am still completely at a loss of how God is going to financially provide. We have raised about 1/4 of our total costs, which is absolutely amazing and we are so grateful!!! But, that also means that we have 3/4 to go, which at times seems daunting.

On a positive note, at 10:30 this morning, our home study was officially APPROVED!!! Yay! So, now we can move forward with applying for grants. There are 3 different organizations we are applying with so we are praying that God will stir in them a desire to give generously!

We are also looking at taking out a significant loan to help cover the costs of the adoption. So, that is where I have been emotionally this week. But in the midst of all these emotions, I truly do feel an underlying peace that passes all understanding. I am praying that this peace will guard our hearts and our minds through the power of Christ.

Our desire is to enjoy this process and depend completely on Him. We have known from the beginning that this adoption is HIS and we are along for the journey. As are all of you. Thank you for journeying with us. As we say so often, we know that there is NO WAY we could do this without your prayers, your constant support and encouragment and your financial gifts. I can’t wait for you to meet our baby. “St. Pete” is definitely going to know that he/she is loved by MANY people.


  • fingerprints completed! Now we wait on US approval
  • home study completed! Now we wait for it to be mailed to us and then we will send a very large package of papers to the state of Ohio to be authenticated. After that, the papers go to CWA to be translated into Russian and then off to Russia they go!
  • We have begun filling out grant applications. They say it takes about a month before we’ll hear anything further.


  • continue to pray for little “St. Pete” – that he/she would be loved and cared for. Pray for his/her birth parents to know that they made a good decision in choosing life.
  • continued speed of paperwork with no glitches
  • wisdom for Steve and me as we make all kinds of decisions: from loans to paper work to logistics to baby names πŸ™‚ – He still wants the name “Ralph” – after my stuffed raccoon.
  • for continued peace amist many emotions – that God would be our Rock and stability

Until next Monday, love Steve & Kate


7 Responses to “Fingerprints & Politics”

  1. Jennifer Reilly Eaby said

    Ralph Garcia has such a nice ring to it! πŸ˜‰

  2. msflowe said

    I had the sweetest experience today- I went to see Grandma (Katie’s) and she gave me some things to sell on Craigslist or Ebay for St. Pete. She doesn’t have any money but she wanted to contribute. Wasn’t that precious??? We are gonna get St. Pete home as quick as we can!!!! He/she needs some good lovin’!

  3. cnhutch said

    You mean you are actually considering something BESIDES Ralphie?????? πŸ™‚

  4. BJ Melbourne said

    I loved you as a little girl and how you loved your Ralph. I think that’s so cute!!

  5. kirsten said

    “Our desire is to enjoy this process and depend completely on Him.” when we were going through this process, the paperwork, the waiting, etc., i would ask josh, “when will this be over? when will God reveal everything?” josh would say, “i don’t know, only He does. i know it’s hard, but i don’t want to miss anything He’s doing on this side of the journey.” i am so glad you can alreayd see you want to enjoy the process. when your child is finally home, some of your best memories will be from the road it took to make it all happen. they way you have and will grow in your marriage is amazing! these are uncertain times, but He is your Rock. He’s called you to this and He will be faithful!

    “Who foretold this long ago,
    Who declared it from the distant past?
    was it not I, the LORD ?
    and there is no God apart from Me,
    a righteous God and a Savior;
    there is none but Me.”
    isaiah 45:21

  6. Adam and Maria said

    Hey Steve and Kate,

    Maria and I finally had time to sit down today and read your blog. We are so excited for you guys! It lifted our spirits reading about how God is so closely paving the way for you guys. We love you so much and our hope and prayer is to come home and for you guys to have a beautiful little baby! We will be remembering you in our prayers.

    Adam and Maria

  7. Mama Mary said

    Katie Michele –
    You gave me Psalm 139 this week and I am praying it back for you. “You chart the path ahead of Steve & Kate and tell them where to stop and rest. Every moment You know where they are. You both precede and follow them. You place Your hand of blessing on their heads. Such knowledge is too wonderful for us, too great for us to know!”

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