A Realization

August 11, 2008

Steve and I were having our weekly date lunch today at this little middle-eastern restaurant called Aladdin’s. We were sitting outside on this beautiful “fall-feeling” day. As it has been for the last couple of months, our conversation turned to adoption.

We began thinking about where we are in the process. With a lot of paperwork and steps behind us, we realized that if we stay on “schedule” with how an average Russian adoption proceeds, we could potentially be picking up our baby in 8-9 months! And then, a crazy thought came to me. I realized, that if this is the case, our baby is probably born.

Babies in Russia cannot go up for adoption until they are at least 9 months old and then it is usually a few months after they are put up for adoption that the paper work and court dates are processed. Obviously, I don’t want to put God on a time line. He is bigger than my thoughts and ideas of how He is going to bring us to our baby. But, the possibility of our baby being born gave me great excitement and at the same time some anxiety over meeting our little “St. Pete.” I just want to meet him/her NOW!!

For the first time ever, Steve said to me that he just wanted a baby tomorrow. It was so wonderful to hear him say that. I know that for many years, we have both been guarded over our thoughts and desires for a baby. This was especially true for Steve, since he has NEVER wanted to make me feel bad over our inability to have a biological child. But now, with this process feeling more and more “real”, (finding out the region of our child, getting further along in the paperwork) both of our feelings and desires are slowly unlocking as God is preparing our hearts for loving this little baby that we can soon say is “ours.”

Thanks for journeying with us. We have been so encouraged by your words and excitement for us. We feel your anticipation with us and are so blessed by it! We are also so blessed to know that little “St. Pete” is going to have hundreds of people praying and cheering for him/her throughout their life. We are so grateful for your support and that God has put so many people that care for us into our lives!


  • We’ve done all we can to complete our home study, now we are waiting on its clearance
  • Our immigration application has been accepted and so now we wait for them to contact us for more fingerprints
  • We are continuing to see money trickle in from family, friends, high school students, and acquaintances. We are so grateful for each and every donation

Prayer Requests:

  • Pray for our baby (who is probably born) to be loved, to feel safe and to be well taken care of
  • Pray for wisdom as we fill out lots of paper work and for speed and accuracy as the paper work gets authenticated and processed
  • Pray for continued financial support to come in and for God to continue to stir in the hearts of people to give

Until next Monday, Kate & Steve


4 Responses to “A Realization”

  1. Ronnie Lowe said

    Oh WOW! It’s so funny, this morning during my quite time, while I was praying for St.Pete, for the first time I felt like I could actually see an image of that precious little grandchild of mine. I am so excited I can hardly stand it. I know God’s timing and His plan is perfect, but I’ve got the “I can’t believe it’s happening” butterflies. I will continue to pray for St. Pete and also for the comfort and assurance to the birth mom that she will know how excited so many people are about little St. Pete. You guys are awesome and I am so proud of you.

  2. joditucker said

    You know that if your little one is a boy, I think Pete is actually a pretty cool name, seeing that I married one. Praying for you!

  3. Eric said

    That is a pretty cool thought. We will be praying for the little one. I think you guys should go with a Russian name, like Vladimir or Boris. But if you don’t like the Eastern-Euro flavor, you could just go with George-Michael. I’m excited for you guys and praying for you every step of the way.

  4. Meredith Foster said

    What an awesome realization! I am so excited for you Katie. (and Steve). I think you are going to be the best parent, and I love following your journey. I love you so much.

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