St. Pete

July 28, 2008

We are so excited to tell you all that we have been assigned a “region” of where our little baby’s orphanage will be. It is in the city of St. Petersburg. St. Petersburg is on the west coast of Russia – on the gulf of Finland. It is the second largest city in Russia and it is the home of the famous Hermitage and St. Peter’s castles. We are so excited to be able to tell our little baby, (we are calling him or her “St. Pete” for now) that they come from a rich & cultural heritage.

We went to Border’s bookstore last night and looked into all of the travel books to get a feel of St. Petersburg, the sights and the culture of the people there. It definitely made it seem “real”. It seems like the people of Russia are very hospitable and they love inviting guests into their homes for meals. This excites us because we love going to people’s homes for meals ☺ If you have any information or have ever been to St. Petersburg, we are wanting to be as informed as possible, so any insight or references would be awesome!

Because we now know our region, we can also begin our “dossier” – which is a term for all of the paperwork that we will send over to Russia so they can approve us to adopt one of their children. These documents include passports, marriage license, and all kinds of papers to sign get notarized. They even want pictures of Steve and me in all of the different rooms of our home (so they can see where the baby will live). It is exciting to embark on this next big step. Once all of those papers are completed, they will get translated into Russian and then be sent over to Russia to gain approval.

We also are in the process of raising our second big “chunk” of money for agency fees – we are trying to raise $10,500. This will include the second half of our agency fee ($2500), $1000 for translating our paperwork into Russian and then half of our international fee ($7000). Once we can raise that money, we can send in our paperwork to Russia and then wait on the approval. Upon receiving approval, Russia will then send us “referrals” which is a name and picture of our potential child!

I hate that this whole process right now is a lot about finances. But, we knew coming in that this would be the reality of our situation. We knew that God was going to have to provide the $40,000, which is the total of what we need to raise. We also have seen how He has been using people to do this. We are honestly so grateful and please know that we absolutely cannot do this without you.  At times the task seems impossible, but we know that God is a big God.


  • This past week we sent in the immigration approval for our child. We are now waiting on the government to receive those documents and approve us.
  • We have been fingerprinted – the last step for our homestudy. We are now just waiting for it all to be processed by Christian World Adoption.
  • We continue to receive financial gifts for our agency and personal fees. We are so grateful for both.

Prayer Requests:

  • Please continue to pray for God’s financial provision as we move into the next step of the adoption
  • Pray for the orphanages in St. Petersburg, Russia – and the child God has set aside for us
  • Pray for wisdom and speed on the part of both the US government and Russian, so our papers can be dealt with quickly

Thanks so much for journeying with us. We hope to report more great news next Monday!

Kate & Steve

3 Responses to “St. Pete”

  1. Mama Mary said

    Praying for little St. Pete (or St. Petrova!!!!)

  2. msflowe said

    I can’t wait to greet sweet St. Pete!!!!!

  3. Laura said

    Kate and Steve, I am so glad that things are headed in the right direction. I continued to be floored by your amazing faith. I will continue to pray for your newest addition!! Love, Laura

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