One Step Closer

July 21, 2008

Wow. A lot has happened in a week. I’m not quite sure where or how to begin, so forgive me if things seem a little jumbled.

My parents came to visit us from North Carolina for a few days. We always have such a great time when we are together. We had some really good talks about the adoption process, like what we’re excited about, what we’re scared about, etc. I’m so glad that I have parents that we can have these conversations with – they bring such support, while at the same time realistic expectations to this process. I can’t wait for them to be grandparents – I already know they are going to be amazing. They are some of the most loving people I know, and I honestly believe that God has prepared them and gifted them to be grandparents of an internationally adopted child. They are so loving and unassuming. I just can’t wait!!!

We also received some more great news about our finances. Both our agency and personal fees are consistently multiplying. God is blowing our minds with how He is choosing to provide. Like we say often, we don’t know how much people give, but we know who gives. We recently discovered recently that one of the high school students from our church has contributed to our personal fees. This student donated out of their own checking account, in a sacrificial way. Wow. When I found this out, it brought me to tears – God has put amazing people in our lives, both old and young…and we are grateful for each of you who have given financially and with your prayers and encouragement. God continues to remind us that we cannot do this alone!!

This morning, we had a phone meeting with our newly assigned case manager from CWA. Her name is Fiona, and already we have seen how helpful and encouraging she is going to be for us. She walked us through all of the steps in the adoption process. She also asked us questions about our hopes and desires for our child. She then informed us that in the next few days we are going to find out the region in Russia our baby will be adopted from. The more details we receive, the more “real” this process actually feels. Our region will be determined based on our desired age and gender of the baby as well as which orphanages will be able to meet those desires. We are so excited and praying that God will give CWA wisdom as they make this decision. We can’t wait to find out and learn everything we can about the region. We’ll let you know as soon as we do!!

Fiona was also very encouraging about the money that has been donated to us. She said that at the rate we’re going, we’ll have our baby in our arms in no time. “Have our baby in our arms”…I love to sit in that thought and picture what it will be like. I’m not naïve enough to know that there won’t be frustrations and potentially very difficult transitions that both the baby and Steve and I will have to make. But, the thought of holding the baby that God has for us – our baby – in my arms, kissing him/her on their little forehead and telling him/her over and over again that they are safe, loved and valued is a picture that I never want to forget about in this process of paperwork and waiting. Thanks so much for sharing in this journey with us. As I said before, we truly could not even imagine this without you!!


  • more great donations coming into personal and agency fees! Thanks so much
  • We will be filling out and turning in our immigration approval paperwork for our baby this week
  • We are going tonight to go get our fingerprints – the final step for our home study to be completed

Prayer Requests:

  • That God will direct CWA right to the region in Russia where our child will be
  • For comfort and a supernatural peace for the birth mother – to know that her baby will be loved unconditionally
  • We will have wisdom with filling out paperwork
  • That God will continue to stir in people’s hearts to give financially as we continue to strive towards the needed amount of money

Until next Monday, Kate & Steve

5 Responses to “One Step Closer”

  1. msflowe said

    You jerked the tears out of my eyes!

  2. joditucker said

    This is soooo encouraging and exciting and such a God-thing that the finances keep coming in!!
    You two will rock as parents! (You can even rock the baby in a rocking chair…OK enough about rocks now.) Seriously, I am feeling your joy!
    Raising three Tucker kids has given Pete and me a glimpse of the ultimate Father, God, and His Love.

  3. Ronnie Lowe said

    GOD IS GOOD ALL THE TIME!!! I am so exicted I can hardly stand it. I’m trying not to get to far ahead of myself, but it’s just starting to seem so real now. I’m so thankful for your friends and church family and all those who have been touched by your story. I also keep thinking about the birth mom and I know that God will give her a special hug to let her know that her child is getting ready to be the child of a wonderfully loving couple who will devote their lives to this little baby.

  4. Caryl Kolb said

    Thank you for letting all of us catch a glimpse of this process. I love the way you both are so open w/ what your feeling. I can’t wait to know where in Russia your little one will be waiting for you to come get him. (yes, Curt thinks it’s a him!)

  5. Meg Finn said

    Guys- how cool it was to read through your stuff! I so love babies!!! Praying you get your hands on yours soon 🙂 and for the birth mom, for the hundreds of details.
    We listened to Steve’s grace message on the way to our family reunion earlier this month (hustled a copy from Sue) Excellent! Preach it man!

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