Reflections on India

July 7, 2008

Well, we made it safely back from the beautiful country of India. It was an absolutely amazing time. God taught us so many things about His heart – His love for every person. We spent some time in different slums in India where a group of people called the Dalits live. In the Hindu caste system, the dalits are seen as lower than dogs – they are often referred to as “untouchables”.

We were told that at least 1500 people were living in one of the slums we visited. They were living in utter poverty. It was so overwhelming. And then, as I met person after person, they would tell me their names. God brought to my mind that He knows each of these people by name. He created them in His image, He knows the number of hairs on each of their heads…and that brought me a sense of hope. There is a song by Caedmon’s Call, a Christian band who has a heart for India. They wrote a song called “Mother India” after one of their trips there. The chorus of the song was the soundtrack in my mind as I walked through the slums of India and met and hugged some of the most beautiful people I have ever seen:

“There’s a land where our shackles turn to diamonds
Where we trade in our rags for a royal crown
In that place, our oppressors hold no power
And the doors of the King are thrown wide”

I also spent a lot of time thinking about the child we believe God has for us in Russia. There are so many children that need to have parents that love them, both in Russia and all around the world. And at times the task seems overwhelming, to the point where you wonder if helping just one is even worth it. But then I am reminded that each person on this Earth is valuable and worthy of love. God showed me on this trip His heart for orphans, His heart for loving the unlovely. And for even those children who may never experience love on this earth, “there is a land where our shackles turn to diamonds. Where we trade in our rags for a royal crown.” How I pray for that day to come quickly.

Here are some updates of our adoption:

  • We have received some special donations from family and friends and we are SO thankful!
  • We are still waiting for enough money to meet the initial agency fee to begin the process – until that fee is paid, we cannot move forward

Ways to pray:

  • That we would remain dependent on God’s timing and His provision
  • Continued prayer for the birth mother (good decisions, bonding)
  • Pray for our child, if he or she is born, that he/she would be touched and loved often by the orphanage workers
  • Pray that God would stir in hearts of people to give how He wants them to give

Until next week,

Kate & Steve

One Response to “Reflections on India”

  1. msflowe said

    My heart just bursts when I think about how much love you have shown those precious Dalit people. The thing is, you do that daily with everyone you meet- showing those who feel unlovable that they are…indeed…lovable. You guys are eager to show the love of Jesus everywhere you go. I am so in awe of God as I watch Him work through you both as you surrender your will to Him. God knows your needs just as He knows the needs of the Dalit. We can trust Him with you. Praise Him for all things!

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