The Waiting Game

June 9, 2008

Our new friends, Kevin and Karen, who adopted 2 precious kids from Russia, told us “when it comes to international adoption, the name of the game is: hurry up and wait.” We are only in the beginning and I could not agree more. For the last month, we have been filling out paper work, going to classes, having inspections and interviews….and now we wait. We wait for the next stage of the process, which is dependent on many things.

I love the song by Chris Tomlin, “Everlasting God”. It comes from Isaiah 40. One of the lines from the song has been stuck in my head all week: “Strength will rise as we wait upon the Lord”. We’re praying for strength in this waiting time. There are many things out of our control. Things like raising money and processing paper work. And these are the things that bring us to our knees, as we continue to be reminded that this is God’s story for us and not something that we can write ourselves.


  • Our final interview time with Tracy, the social worker, went so great. We talked about what kind of parents we want to be, how our childhoods have affected our desired parenthood, and why we desire to adopt. We felt a strong connection with her. She was very encouraging. Thanks for your prayers! Now we wait for her to “write up” our story. This write up will go to the orphanage in Russia. Once we turn in our final payment, we will complete the home study process.
  • Before we can move any further with CWA, we have to raise the service fees and so we are continuing to pray for strength as we wait. Once we get over that financial hurdle, we will have the green light to apply for special adoption grants & scholarships.

Prayer Requests:

  • Pray for continued strength during this waiting time.
  • Pray for our baby – and his/her biological mom
  • Pray that God would provide money in His time, not ours

Until next week – Steve & Kate 🙂

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