Surreal Life

May 26, 2008

I think the word that is coming to my mind right now is surreal. Even writing this FIRST update doesn’t even seem like it’s actually happening. For the last year, Steve and I have been praying and seeking God’s heart in this idea of adoption…specifically international adoption…specifically Russia. And now, the realities of this process are beginning to emerge.

Steve and I were having our once a week “date” at Chipotle (our absolute favorite place) today and we were talking about how we were feeling about all of this – knowing that we were getting ready to make our news “public”. We are excited, but again, it doesn’t yet seem real.

We are also very guarded. God has shown us over the last 5 years through our struggle with infertility that we have absolutely no control over parenthood. And although that is a difficult place to come to, it is also the Truth. He is in control, He writes our story, He is life-giver. And so, just because we have “signed the dotted line” with an agency, still does not mean that we are going to be parents. There are MANY details that need to happen before the reality of parenthood happens for us….

here are some of the events coming up for us:

  • On Wed. the 28th, we have a fire inspection. A fireman is going to come into our house and basically make sure that our house is absolutely safe for any emergency.
  • The evening of Wed. the 28th, we have a social worker who is going to come into our home and have a 2 hour interview. She is going to ask us all kinds of questions about our financial history, family history, motivation for adoption, etc. It is suppose to be a pretty intense meeting…but, luckily we don’t have anything to hide 🙂

Here are some ways you can be praying for us this week:

  • That God would continue to give us His peace and His direction through this process – that through all of the details, we can rest in His peace.
  • That Wednesday would go well with all of the inspections and meetings – that we could be ourselves and have a great time with the social worker – that she would see our hearts.
  • That God would overwhelm us with financial provision. Right now, that is our main obstacle. We are desiring to raise all of our money before we move forward with the agency.
  • We are grateful that you are sharing in this journey with us through prayer and keeping updated with our blog. We know this is going to be a long process, but we are excited to see how God is going to continue to bless us through this journey!!

-Steve and Kate